Paint Tape Snowflakes

It’s that time of year where I need to find fun things to keep us busy INDOORS. As much as we love winter and snow, we also miss being able to get outside every day! I decided to check our craft basket and find something we could do. It was a huge success and I will probably keep it on our list to do more than once during this cold winter season!

Items Needed:

  • Blue Painters Tape
  • Construction paper – blue if you have it, but snowflakes are unique so feel free to use any color!
  • Paint brush – we used those little foam brushes and they worked perfect.
  • White paint – Crayola washable paint works great!
  • Plate – to put the paint on.


  1. Lay out a table cloth, things could get messy!
  2. Take the painters tape and rip into strips. Make snowflake shapes on the construction paper. Some ours had three pieces, others had four! Fit as many as you want per paper.
  3. Let your child paint over the tape however they want! Carter liked to “dab” his brush all over and it make the snowflakes have an extra “snowy” look. So cute!
  4. Set the painted paper aside and let the paint dry completely. Once it is dry, gently peel the tape off and reveal your snowflakes!
  5. Hang them up as is, or cut them out and place on your windows!

Have fun!

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