Payton Jeanne: Birth Story

“For this child I have prayed, and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart.” 1 Samuel 1:27

The last week of my pregnancy I was pretty grouchy… just being honest! I was so uncomfortable, barely sleeping, and the waiting game was driving me a little nuts. I kept telling myself I knew Payton would come when she was ready but that was only getting me so far. Little did I know she had planned to make her entrance into the world on her exact due date!

Around 5:30am on July 27th, I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and right when I stood up out of bed, I felt like I wet my pants or something! I went to the bathroom and thought, there is no way I just wet my pants… did my water just start leaking? I decided to put a pad on and head back to bed. I googled a bunch of water breaking stories to see if mine matched up with any and then went back to sleep. Around 6:45am I woke up and decided to stand up to see if anything would happen and the same thing happened again! I couldn’t control it, so I was pretty positive I had amniotic fluid leaking. I told Jeff to head up to work anyways because I didn’t think anything would officially be happening anytime soon. I called the OB Department around 8:00am to see what I should do, and they said to come on in and get checked out just to be safe! I had my dad come over to watch Carter.

When I got to the hospital I registered and headed back to the OB Department. They had me put on a hospital gown and got me all checked up. I had to give them a urine sample and then it was just a waiting game to get some results back. Well! Apparently it wasn’t amniotic fluid leaking, so I got dressed and headed back home! On the way home I almost stopped for an iced coffee but decided to get back to Carter instead.

Well it was a good thing I didn’t stop. I pulled into the driveway, walked into our front door, and BAM! My water absolutely broke this time. I booked it to the bathroom and felt like I flooded the whole room (Sorry TMI!), but I didn’t have a “water breaking” experience with Carter because I was induced, so this was a whole new experience for me! I got all cleaned up, changed my clothes, and then called the OB department back. They were happy to hear from me again and said head back in! I made some toast quick, and then got back in the car. I got ahold of Jeff, and he started leaving work to meet me there too!

I got all settled back into my room. We did most of the same tests again, and then I got into my hospital gown. Instead of having a normal hospital gown, I had a “Posh Pushers Hospital Gown” to make me feel a little more like myself during labor! If you’re looking for a gift to give a pregnant mommy-to-be, getting them a personalized hospital gown is a great idea!

Around 1:00pm, the nurses checked me again. I was dilated about four centimeters. I was having contractions but they weren’t super painful yet. Jeff and I watched a few things on TV and were updating our friends and families on our phones. Around 2:00, my contractions seemed to be getting more painful and uncomfortable. They kept coming and I said to Jeff, I think I need to get the epidural. I waited a few more contractions then decided when the nurse came back in I would let her know. She came back in to check on me and I made a comment that these contractions were getting really uncomfortable and if I’m not progressing dilation wise, I’m going to need the juice, aka the epidural. She checked me and I was close to 5cm but not quite. In my mind I knew there was no way I could keep going without some type of pain management, and my goodness it’s a good thing we got things going right then. It took about twenty minutes for the doctor to get there to give me the epidural. I personally thought it felt like three hours LOL. These contractions were no joke!! The doctor who was going to deliver Payton was asking me questions and making small talk, and I was having such a hard time answering them because these contractions just kept getting stronger and closer together. I was squeezing Jeff’s hand through each of them which seemed to help a little bit.

Finally! Time to get this epidural placed. My nurse helped me sit up at the edge of the bed, with my feet flat on a chair. It was SO hard to sit up because the more I moved the more I felt the contractions. I didn’t realize that it’s quite a little process, well it felt like it anyways, to get the epidural and to get to the pain relief. I honestly don’t know how in the world I would have made it through the contractions without my nurse, Deidra. She is literally a SAINT. I’ll never forget her support and help to get through the worst part of my labor! I also had Nurse Becky who was also so amazing and helped me stay strong during the pain. Labor and delivery nurses are true angels, I am so thankful for the both of them that day!

Back to the epidural! I had to arch my back with my shoulders relaxed, and stay very still. Jeff had to leave the room so it was a sterile environment, and I think it was kind of a good thing he didn’t see me in the worst pain of the day. I remember our birth with Carter afterwards Jeff said that was the hardest part of our labor. The epidural was placed PERFECTLY. It slowly started working and I laid back down into the bed and felt like a new woman!! My smile came back, and I was in literal shock at how much better I felt. Scott the Anesthesiologist, I will never forget you! The doctor came in to see how I was doing right away and checked my cervix. NINE CENTIMETERS! Baby girl was ready to come out! All of those awful contractions while waiting for the epidural was her trying to move on out. All of a sudden the doctor checked me again and asked if I was ready to push. WHAT! SHE’S COMING ALREADY?!

So many emotions. Everyone was gloved and masked up, and they asked Jeff to hold my other leg. It was time. I assumed it’d take a while to push like it did with Carter, but listen to this. I started pushing at 4:09pm, and our precious baby girl was born at 4:12pm. SO FAST. SO DANG FAST. She was here!!!!!

I will never forget that first cry. I actually was able to feel the entire delivery, but had no pain at all which was incredible. We were a family of four, I couldn’t believe it! Welcome to the world, Payton Jeanne! A few people asked where we got the name from, and honestly I’ve always loved the name Payton for a girl, and Jeanne is my middle name. The next few moments involved getting her all cleaned up so I could do skin-to-skin right away. When they placed her on my chest I literally felt like I was in heaven. The joy this moment brought me was indescribable. It took me back to when Carter was born and how amazing that was. I could feel God and our guardian angels watching down and beaming seeing us with our baby girl too. We waited so long for this moment. I couldn’t stop tearing up. Eight pounds and three ounces of love!

About an hour after Payton was born, Jeff went and got Carter so he could meet his baby sister. While I had a vision in my head of him holding her, he was mainly excited to see mommy! I felt overwhelmed but it was such an awesome moment having Jeff walk into our delivery room with Carter. My mom came shortly after and that was such a special moment too!

I think what I keep telling myself is how fast this labor and delivery was. I went in at 11:00am after my water broke and Payton was here at 4:12pm, I didn’t expect that at all! But because Payton did make such a fast arrival she sort of had a tough transition period that was a little scary for a while. She had much better color and was doing way better the next morning after we had her. I am forever grateful for my nurses who got me through the entire journey that weekend, I will never forget how incredible they were! Deidra and Becky, you gals are both rockstars!! And to Dr. Elowsky, who delivered Payton into this world, thank you!! We are so in love, and so thankful for all of the wonderful support we have received from everyone else as well.

Coming soon, a blog post about how Carter is adjusting as a big brother, along with some advice for parents adding a baby to the family with a toddler!

Lots of love and God Bless,


Pregnancy Diary: Third Trimester

May 4, 2019

Hooray for being a few days into my third trimester! I think throughout my entire pregnancy I just wanted to get to that final trimester, to feel that extra sigh of relief. I have been feeling pretty good, and craving everything under the sun that’s sweet! Especially donuts for some reason.. LOL. I just keep thinking how close we keep getting to meeting our baby girl and even though I have nothing ready yet, I’m totally ready for her to be here at the same time!

May 8, 2019

Today was appointment day! I got to hear baby girl’s heartbeat which is always music to my ears. Today it was 140bpm, and lately she’s been a super active little one! The doctor said I am measuring on time, and I didn’t really have any concerns so it was a fairly quick appointment.

May 9, 2019

It’s travel day! Jeff and I are heading to Chicago tonight until Saturday for my sorority little’s wedding. It’s going to be so nice getting away just the two of us. Life has been SO busy lately, which is great! But we also don’t get much time just the two of us anymore, and that will change even more once our baby girl gets here. Besides getting all dressed up together for the wedding, I honestly would love to just lay in the hotel bed and watch Netflix together or something! We also just started Game of Thrones so maybe we will be able to watch a few episodes of that. I’m mainly excited for it to be just me and him.

May 11, 2019

We had such a nice quick trip to Chicago! The wedding we went to was absolutely beautiful and we got some much needed time just Jeff and I. I forget how important it is to get that time in with just you and your husband. For the first time in a long time, we didn’t have a toddler interrupting (ever so sweetly of course LOL) our conversations. And for all of the life changes that have happened and that are currently still happening, we finally got to chat about them just the two of us. It will obviously be different with two kids in the mix come July, but I know I need to keep our time together important too. Even if its just going for a walk together at the end of the work day, or going out to dinner every now and then.

May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! Carter and I went to church this morning. Even though we had to sit in the very back of church in the gathering area because Carter was in a mood, it still meant a lot to me that we made it to church today. I think I need to start taking notes on how to sit in church with Carter now that he is two! Around Christmastime I wrote a blog about bringing your toddler to mass, but he has changed so much in six months I think I need a new list of tips and tricks! I actually took a little more time to myself today and went shopping with my parents downstate. I left Carter at home so I could actually look around at a few things for our baby girl and for myself! It was a really nice day.

May 16, 2019

Today I headed up to work at the shop with Jeff! It’s nice when I can have Carter stay with one of his Grandmas, so I can get a little time away. I adore being a stay-at-home mom but I think any mom would agree it’s nice to get away with no kiddos sometimes even if it is for work! I enjoy getting to head up to the shop with Jeff, because I am always learning something new too.

I was actually happy that I was able to work today because we had the lovely Jeanna Trotman from NBC25 News come and film a story on our new business and our family. I think one of my favorite parts about the entire interview was seeing Jeff talk about the business. He is SO happy with it and I am just so proud of him! He has been working so hard. Attached below is the link to our interview incase you missed it! Thank you so much again Jeanna, you are such a rockstar at what you do!

May 21, 2019

It has been a busy week so far and it’s only Tuesday. My parents are out of town on a Caribbean cruise, (if I wasn’t pregnant I would have totally joined!!), but it feels a little quiet around here. I headed up to the shop this morning to work with Jeff for the morning before my baby appointment this afternoon.

I didn’t feel super great when I woke up this morning, but I assumed it was pregnancy and not sleeping very well lately so I just let it go. I dropped Carter off at my mother-in-law’s for the day and headed up to Oscoda. It was around 11:30 that I went to go slide my stool by the computer over, when I felt this immense amount of pain in my lower pelvic area that literally brought me to the ground. I had no idea what was going on, but I was in pain, that’s what I did know. I was glad we weren’t busy at the time so I could take my time getting back up. When I made my way up to sit down, I was all teary-eyed not only from the pain but just from the unexpected feeling that had just came. The pain honestly reminded me of my miscarriage pain, or possibly labor pain so I think that’s what made it worse and scared me. Of course a million thoughts went through my head, but I had my appointment later that day already scheduled at 1:30 so I just tried to stay calm until then.

When I got to my appointment, I still was feeling really off and it was painful to walk. I told the doctor about what happened and how I was feeling and he decided to send me over to the OB department to get checked out. With a possibility of pre-term labor, that was the best option just to be safe. So here I go back in my car to drive around to the Emergency Department to get checked in, thinking, “What in the world is going on!” I couldn’t reach my parents they were out of the country, Jeff was up at work short-handed, my sister is 2 1/2 hours away, there is no way this baby was coming that day.

Thankfully, everything checked up fine after getting a Non-Stress Test, an ultrasound, and a physical. I didn’t really get an exact answer of why that pain brought me to the ground, but I am just hoping it doesn’t happen again obviously! I was able to see the OB department as well instead of scheduling a tour, and meet one of the nurses so that gave me peace of mind for when the big day actually comes. It was a little scary earlier today, but I was just SO happy everything turned out to be fine.

May 26, 2019

Happy Sunday! We headed down to Lansing to stay with my sister for the night today. We went to the Potter Park Zoo, and got to celebrate her birthday which was really nice. I’ve been feeling good the past couple days so it was nice to get out of town for the night and share a new place with Carter. I think he liked the Red Panda’s the best today, they made him laugh and he kept saying “kitty” watching them, which was too cute!

May 30, 2019

Carter got a big boy haircut today, and I can’t stop staring at him! I think it’s starting to weird him out LOL, but he just looks so much older!!

June 3, 2019

It’s finally June! Which means next month we will get to meet our baby girl. Some days I feel like this pregnancy has gone by rather slow just from worries and anxiety, but other days I look at how far we have come and it just makes me even more excited!

We have a big night tonight for Carter. I signed him up for swim lessons up in Oscoda, and they start up tonight! There are six classes over the next two weeks that will hopefully go well. He loves the water and being down on the beach so it’ll be great to get him in the water to do a little swimming and learn some new things!

Update: Tonight’s first swim class went well! We learned a new song, jumped in the pool over and over again (Carter’s favorite part), and got to see our cousin Addison who is also taking the class!

June 5, 2019

Today was appointment day! I had a baby appointment and a chiropractor appointment. It was exciting as always to hear our baby girl’s heartbeat, and see that everything is checking up good. We have our second swim class tonight so I am hoping it goes as well as the first night!

June 11, 2019

It was an amazing day with my mom and Megan! I met them downstate to go wedding dress shopping for Megan, and today did not disappoint. We almost said “Yes to the Dress” but decided to hold off for our other appointments tomorrow! Which is exactly what I did when I was shopping for mine five years ago (holy cow it’s already been five years…), and then that next day I found my dress!

We don’t get too many times just the three of us anymore, so today was really nice to just be together mommy and daughters. We ate at a pizza place in Lansing tonight that you MUST go and try if you’re ever in the area! Check it out here: I would have loved to try one of their specialty cocktails or beers, but next time for sure. We have another full day of shopping tomorrow so I’m already looking forward to that!

June 12, 2019

Megan said “YES TO THE DRESS” today!!! She cried, my mom and I cried, it was absolutely awesome. Her dress is beautiful, and the whole appointment was so special. Our consultant at The Wedding Shoppe was SO helpful and sweet. She made it even more special! I cannot wait to stand by Megan’s side next June as her Matron of Honor and watch her marry the love of her life. I’m going to need a big box of tissues for all my happy tears!!!

June 13, 2019

Lately my legs have been cramping up in the middle of the night and it’s really interrupting my sleep! I remember reading about restless leg syndrome throughout my pregnancy with Carter, but never actually had it. It’s mainly in my calves, and I can’t just stretch them while laying in bed, I have to get up and walk around a little at 3:00am when it hits! I didn’t drink that much water over the past couple days because we were so busy, so I think that’s part of the reason. I’m hoping that staying hydrated will help and it won’t be a constant thing for the rest of my pregnancy.

June 16, 2019

Happy Father’s Day! We plan to spend the day outside with Jeff, and enjoy some family time just the three of us. Our Father’s Day last year was pretty emotional because it was the day we found out we had lost our baby at about 10 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy. It really makes you sit back and be SO thankful for the love and the journey with our family. It made us stronger, and brought us even closer together. Feeling our baby girl move as I write this brings tears to my eyes. God is truly SO good. I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day this year.

If you like Carter and Jeff’s hats in the picture below, check out “To: little arrows” shop!

June 17, 2019

Feeling a little extra emotional today. Click here:

June 19, 2019

We got to hear our baby girl’s heartbeat today at our appointment! It was right around the usual 150bpm. She is head down and my belly is measuring right on time!

June 22, 2019

Read all about my “Baby Sprinkle” here!

June 25, 2019

Last night was such a rough night sleep wise! I was up from about 11:30-2:00am with pretty bad cramps. They weren’t like contractions following a pattern, but I was uncomfortable. I think they were just those darn Braxton Hicks contractions to be honest, but just a little more intense than they normally are! Waking up this morning, besides being tired, I feel normal and they haven’t continued at all. The joys of getting closer to our due date though! That’s all I kept thinking about.

July 1, 2019


July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July! We had a packed day today, so thankfully the weather was gorgeous. We did the parade up in Oscoda where Janis Tire is located, and had so much fun! Carter was a little sassy waiting for the parade to start but once it got going, he had a blast throwing footballs and candy to all of the people. We had a family cookout that afternoon, and just came home and relaxed after that. I was exhausted that’s for sure!

July 8, 2019

I had cramps throughout the night last night that kept me from getting a good nights sleep. They weren’t in intervals like contractions, but they definitely weren’t comfortable. I feel like our baby girl keeps teasing me! Some days I can honestly say she is going to make her arrival soon, and other days it feels like this pregnancy is going to go on for forever. But I always look back and think how grateful I am for this precious baby girl, and just try and be patient while we wait to meet her!

July 11, 2019

7:20am: It’s appointment day! I haven’t been sleeping well at all for about a week now. And when I say that I mean like barely getting any sleep at all. For how exhausted I am throughout the day, I’d think I’d sleep really well at night but that’s not the case. I feel like I’m already hitting that wall at the end of pregnancy where nothing is comfortable anymore. I am hoping that maybe at my appointment today I can see that our baby girl is making some progress towards her arrival, and that the feelings and cramps I’ve been feeling haven’t just been more Braxton Hicks contractions.

11:30am: My appointment went well and everything is looking good. I had my doctor check me to see if I was starting to make any progress towards labor too. I’m about two centimeters dilated right now. It’s a start!

July 13, 2019

I was able to get away this afternoon to go to 4:00pm mass by myself while my parents watched Carter. I take Carter to church sometimes, but it was nice to be able to just go by myself and be in the moment more for a change! It was a very nice mass and I lit a prayer candle after for our baby girl and our family. I may have added to bringing our baby girl into the world sooner than later to my prayer too, LOL. But what was REALLY spiritual and emotional, was what happened as I walked out into the gathering space. Most people had already rushed out of church it seemed like, so I was pretty much one of the last ones there! I was able to see our priest Father Charlie for a quick greeting, and he actually put his hand on my pregnant belly and my head to say a blessing over our baby girl and this pregnancy. I can’t even explain how much I needed that. It was one of those moments that you didn’t know you needed but once it happens it’s just like WOAH. I of course could have started sobbing but kept it together and just had tears in my eyes. The words he used about meeting our baby girl, and God being there every step of the way was absolutely beautiful. I will definitely remember this moment and always cherish it!

July 16, 2019

I went to the chiropractor today. I love getting adjusted! My chiropractor said that my pelvis and everything is in line, and ready for labor. She’s hoping within a week I have our baby girl just based on my alignment! She says I’m totally ready. AHH! Okay then baby girl, come on out!!

July 18, 2019

Another appointment day! Everything is still looking good, I haven’t really made much progress dilation wise since last week so that was kind of a bummer. But! She will come when she’s ready, (HOPEFULLY SOON!!).

I think I am going to end my third trimester diary with everyone right here! It’s been so much fun keeping track of my emotions and adventures throughout this pregnancy and especially during my last trimester. We are so hoping we get to meet our baby girl soon. Thank you again for the support and prayers throughout this entire pregnancy journey for us! God is so good and we really appreciate it! My next big blog post will hopefully be our birth story of our beautiful baby girl. We are SO ready!

Lots of love and God Bless,


Janis Family of Four Coming Soon… Am I Ready?!

Just this past week, we took some family maternity pictures with our awesome photographer Tiffany. She is an amazing photographer and has captured so many special moments for our family! Check out her website here!: Tiffany Eberline Photography. We were able to take our pictures right on our own beach, and I LOVE the way they turned out. I will share a few throughout this post! Carter and Jeff were matching, and I wore a dress I found online from “Pink Blush”. Side note: I think I have mentioned it before, but this is a super great website for maternity clothes! Pictures went really well, and Carter was such a little ham! It’s absolutely adorable watching him point to my pregnant belly saying “baby” and giving it kisses and hugs.

That night after we had our pictures, I had just put Carter to bed, and then I headed to bed too. I was smiling while laying there, thinking about our pictures and how much fun they were. Carter was just too cute, and behaved so well! I have wrote about it before, that this pregnancy has been a very emotional journey after having a miscarriage. But it has also been such a blessing. As I laid there, I realized something. These were our last family photos as a family of three. When we take our next family photos, we will be adding a little princess to our pictures! I totally got emotional, and wanted to start sobbing. I know I’m at the very end of my pregnancy, but the emotions are really starting to come out that a big change is coming to our family. I am SO excited, but also slightly freaking out to be honest.

There have been a select few times where I’d think something like, “How do I have enough room in my heart to love another baby as much as I love Carter?” But then I’d just reassure myself that it’s completely possible and I’d continue being excited for our family to grow. Recently though, I’ve had more worrisome thoughts about having another child the closer I get to our due date.

I worry that I won’t be able to give enough time into Carter and he will feel left out. I worry that I’ll never be caught up on housework or laundry, even though I am a stay-at-home-mom. I worry about my post-baby body and not having the time to work on getting back into shape with two children. I worry that I’ll never truly sleep again because I am worried about two children instead of one now. I even worry that I won’t have any time to make Jeff’s lunch before work in the morning once our baby girl gets here. It all sounds so silly! I know I can ask for help and there is nothing wrong with that. But these are the constant thoughts that go through my head.

I was in the car with Carter the other day, and I glanced back to see why he was so quiet and saw he was fast asleep. My eyes filled with tears as I stared at him while waiting at the stoplight. He was my first baby, and has taught me SO much. He’s also brought me an indescribable love that I didn’t even know existed. He has given me more confidence as a woman. He has also given me plenty of mommy meltdowns, but each one was completely worth it. How in the world can I possibly add this same amount of love into another child. I already feel like my heart is going to burst! I say a prayer that these wild thoughts will leave me alone, and that I can rely on God to give me that inner peace I need.

I do enjoy trying new things, but I also don’t always do very well with change. Through prayer I find myself adjusting to new situations and emotions all of the time, but this feels so much different. I think right now it’s the feeling that we have a routine, and we have it down really well. Carter is sleeping in his big boy bed, (most nights LOL), Jeff is doing great with our new business and heads to work each day, I’ve been keeping up with housework and the business bookkeeping, etc. But I have this fear of everything changing and starting back at square one to get comfortable again; this time with two kids. Everyone tells me things like, “Oh it’ll just come to you.” Thank you! But I’m also still freaking out on the inside.

I keep thinking about the moment I will have to head to the hospital for labor and delivery, and giving Carter that last hug as my only child. When I come home, I will have another baby to add to our family and I just hope and pray that he accepts it well and understands. I know he will be an amazing big brother. AHH! It’s still so crazy saying that he is going to be a big brother. Yes, I’ve known that for however many weeks but it still gives me all the feels. I know I am not the only mom who goes through this as they make this transition.

I sit and impatiently wait for our baby girl’s arrival, while also feeling super anxious. I feel like I need more time, or I should have done more with Carter, the thoughts are endless! But I am SO ready to meet our rainbow baby girl at the same time. I cannot wait to hear her first cry, and finally hold her in my arms. I know in God’s hands he will hold our family and all of our worries. He will guide us through every new moment we are about to experience, and he will give us the strength we need.

Janis Party of Four coming any day now! Stay tuned…

Lots of love and God Bless,


Baby Girl Sprinkle

Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17

I remember when we lived in Green Bay, I attended a few of our friends baby “sprinkles” when their second baby on the way was a different gender. I love the idea, because it’s a great way to celebrate the baby on the way and help get the mommy-to-be extra prepared for their arrival! Plus let’s be honest, it’s another fun reason to get together with your girlfriends and have some yummy food!

It was a beautiful sunny day. My mom surprised me with the sweetest baby sprinkle this past weekend, and I knew I loved the color pink before but I think I love it on a whole new level now! I knew I wanted to share some more pictures from the party. With baby girl on the way, (a little less than five weeks to go), it was the perfect time to celebrate her. Instead of having a huge shower, it was just a small brunch with so many yummy sweet treats and lots of love shared for our baby girl.

I thought it was just going to be a small gathering with my mom and a few of her close friends, but I was totally wrong! About twenty minutes into the sprinkle, we had all just sat down with our plates of food and I heard the front door open. My dad was watching Carter next door at our cabin, so I just assumed it was the two of them coming over to play in my parents basement, or because Carter wanted his mommy. So with that being said, I didn’t just whip my head around to see who it was right away. Then all of a sudden I hear this VERY familiar “hi!” and my stomach like dropped. I turn around and it’s my four best friends literally walking into my parents’ house to surprise me!!! I can’t even explain the emotions that overcame me! I was so surprised and excited, and also just feeling so beyond grateful and blessed that God brought these amazing women into my life years ago.

This pregnancy has brought more emotions than I could have ever imagined, and some days were pretty hard for me. The anxiety was the main thing, and there were days I didn’t feel like I even had control over it. I kept trying to figure out a weekend to get downstate to be with my girlfriends, but it was a busy late winter and spring for us. There never seemed to be a weekend that worked for all of us to just see each other and get some much needed girl time in. So to have them pull off this surprise to come up and see me, was the absolute best. I think we all laughed, cried, and hugged several times, which was much needed! We ate lots of food, and Carter even came over to help open some presents. Our baby girl’s closet is completely full now that’s for sure!

I definitely feel even more ready for our baby girl to make her arrival now. I received so many thoughtful and heartfelt gifts! I know I have a little longer to go, but July is only a couple days away so I am counting down the days until she will be full term! We are forever grateful for the prayers and support we have received throughout this pregnancy! And thank you so much to everyone who has followed our journey! I am excited to continue sharing more.

Lots of love and God Bless,


Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester – Part Two

“My soul finds rest in God alone because my confidence comes from him.” Psalm 62:5

April 1, 2019

April Fool’s! I have no jokes to play today though. Today is actually a pretty exciting day for our family. We have become the official owners of Janis Tire & Auto, LLC! We now own a business, and have been learning so much already. I think we are both a little nervous, but mostly excited about this new journey for our family. It was a busy day making sure the shop was ready, and I actually had some morning meetings going on at home too!

Through our health insurance, we are very blessed to have a nurse to talk with at any time of the day. This also includes monthly phone calls from your own personal nurse just to check in and see how your pregnancy is going. I had a phone call with my nurse Sarah this morning, and it was more than exciting to tell her that we are having a girl! I then had the opportunity to be on my friend Allison’s podcast. This was so much fun, and another amazing connection we made because of our time during football. We talked about all things mom life, family life, blogging, networking, and so much more. I’m more than honored to have been a part of it!

Check out Allison’s blog, and all of the information for her podcast here! Once our episode together airs, I will absolutely post about it as well. She’s an incredible woman, you’ll love it!:

April 2, 2019

I’ve stayed pretty active throughout this pregnancy. I think I worked out more when I was pregnant with Carter, but I’ve tried to find time between being a toddler mom this time around too! I like to think that when Carter goes down for his nap, that’s a great time to work out! But most of the time I end up taking a nap with him if I can LOL.

A new workout class started at our local gym this morning at the crack of dawn, 6:00am! My mom was the one who told me about it and wanted to try it too so it was nice that we actually got to go together. These classes are Tuesday/Thursday from 6:00-7:00am, and it’s a great way to get your workout in nice and early to help start your day! Each day is different and it’s all at your own pace. We’ve been enjoying it! It’s nice because I can get a workout in before Carter wakes up, plus my mom helps keep me accountable since she picks me up every morning, perks of being neighbors! It’s been a great way to help me stay active and in shape for the day that labor and delivery comes!.

I also had a chiropractor appointment this morning which was heaven sent. That is another thing I highly recommend, besides staying active throughout your pregnancy, is finding a chiropractor to see and get adjusted by regularly! Our bodies go through so many changes as our baby grows, and it helps keep everything in check by getting adjusted. Plus it feels SO nice. This time around I’ve had some lower back pain, and going to the chiropractor has helped so much! At this point I go every 3-4 weeks, but will go more often the closer I get to my due date.

April 5, 2019

I feel more than thankful that I have found a small moms group to be involved in since we have moved back to Michigan. There is nothing better than having all of your kiddos play in one room while the mom’s get some girl time in too! It’s been great for Carter getting to be around other children, and so nice for me as well. One of the moms from our group just recently had her baby, so I signed up to make dinner for her tonight! I’m making one of my very favorites, that you can find on my blog too! Check it out here!: Lemon Chicken with Veggie Quinoa

April 10, 2019

It was appointment day today! Another chance to hear our baby girl’s heartbeat and get a few questions answered that I had. The baby’s heartbeat was 140bpm, and my weight and belly size is all looking right on schedule! What is crazy is that my next appointment is four weeks from now, and at that point I will be in my third trimester already. YAY!

April 13, 2019

Today was the Easter Bunny Breakfast at a local church, so my mom and I decided to take Carter! He loved the Easter bunny, and I actually got to see some other moms that I know there too. It’s so much fun to celebrate holidays with kids, we are looking forward to Easter next weekend!

April 17, 2019

**New blog post alert!!** We recently started binky training with Carter and you can read all about it by clicking here!: Binky Training: 101

April 21, 2019

HAPPY EASTER! HE IS RISEN! It’s been such a fun day filled with family and good food. I can’t forget about the chocolate treats too! We did a small Easter egg hunt with Carter after church today, and then just relaxed and watched movies! We also smoked our ham this year and it turned out DELICIOUS. I hope everyone had an amazing Easter!

April 23, 2019

I try and get up to Janis Tire one or two times a week to help out, and it gives Carter some time with his grandmothers! It’s fun to be up there with Jeff and see him in his element. We have a good time working together, and always find a way to laugh each time I’m up there. It’s been hard work buying a business, but it’s also been such a great learning experience and well worth it! I was up at the shop most of the day today, and was thankfully feeling good pregnancy wise.

April 26, 2019

CARTER IS A TWO YEAR OLD!! Oh my goodness I was almost in denial when I woke up this morning. I cannot believe it’s already been another year. Our little ones seriously grow up way too fast! We had a great day celebrating. Carter got a Power Wheels Jeep from us, and I think he would have slept in it if we let him! We also went to the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Saginaw for a fun morning. It’s super nice because they have “Toddler Time” from 10:00am-12:00pm, so we’re able to just jump around with a bunch of other little ones that are Carter’s age! I didn’t do much jumping this time clearly, but Jeff took the day off and was all about it. We had lunch after, and then headed back home. The only downfall was the horrible heartburn I had most of the day today, but I’m a little used to it since I had it with Carter too!

April 27, 2019

It’s party day! We are having a small birthday party for Carter this year, that is all Cars themed. Carter is a big Lightening McQueen fan, so we are theming everything around that. We had so many people at his first birthday party, so we decided this year to just be us and his grandparents! Carter had a cupcake for dinner, and was so excited about his presents LOL. Tonight I just sit here and think about how thankful I am for our families. Carter is so lucky to have his grandparents live so close and be so involved in his life. I cannot believe he is officially a two year old now! We are so excited for him to become a big brother this summer too. God is SO good!!

May 1, 2019

It’s finally May! We keep getting closer and closer to our due date. At the end of this week I will officially be in my third trimester. Today we had Carter’s two-year wellness check, and everything went great. I was also able to chat with his pediatrician quick about being our baby girl’s doctor as well! We had mom’s group today too so Carter got some fun time in with his friends. Carter is one of the only boys that attend the group so he’s got lots of little girlfriends running around LOL! I secretly snapped this picture of him while he was playing with one of the little girl’s baby dolls! It was so sweet. I think he’s going to be such a good big brother!

Onto the third trimester! It’s been so much fun sharing this pregnancy journey on my blog, and keeping everyone updated. The support and feedback I have received has been so great, and I have loved connecting with other mamas and bloggers! July will be here before we know it, and so will our baby girl. I think I need a few more weeks and I will officially be ready!

Lots of love and God Bless,


Guiding Through Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

Today marks one year since I took a positive pregnancy test. A positive test for our baby that we would never get to meet. I will never forget the excitement and overwhelming feeling of joy looking town at those test words, “Pregnant.” I still have the picture of the positive test in my phone, and was reminded of it this morning when I checked my Timehop app. I knew it was right around this time, but I didn’t think it was today. I was a little taken back and got pretty emotional seeing it. I was swiping through my Timehop and seeing all of our girls trip pictures from Disney World, and then one more swipe led me to the picture of the positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately we had a miscarriage that following June when I was about ten and a half weeks along. I will cherish that day for the rest of my life, and will always wish that I could have met our precious baby.

I told my miscarriage story back in October: “When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2. I also wrote about how we hoped and prayed that we would be able to have another baby soon. Little did I know that after I wrote that blog post, we would find out we were pregnant again just a few weeks later.

Fast forward to the beginning of December. The day that I went in for an ultrasound to check on my ovarian cysts, was just like any other day. It was just a follow up ultrasound, and I didn’t expect too much because I had been feeling pretty good. When the ultrasound technician told me that I was pregnant, I was a whole box of emotions. Happy, scared, excited, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, and so many more feelings. You can read more about this in my “Pregnancy Diary: First Trimester” blog post.

I was six weeks along by then, so our baby was just a little tiny bean but had the most beautiful heartbeat. To hear a heartbeat and just know that in that moment everything is good, was so empowering. I prayed and prayed that God would allow my body to grow another healthy baby, in his time of course. Even though this was beyond scary for me, and I didn’t even want to to talk about it because it scared me more. It was clearly a prayer answered from God. I felt pretty awful the next few weeks. I was beyond tired, nauseous most of the day, and had headaches. I felt like I had too much wine the night before every morning when I woke up, and clearly I hadn’t had a sip! I just tried to stay hydrated the best I could and ate small meals here and there.

I think the first trimester after a miscarriage is the scariest part. I prayed so hard that I would just make it into the second trimester and that everything would be okay. I was 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant when I was told I was having a miscarriage last June. Unfortunately we also found out on Father’s Day, so it was even more heartbreaking. I spent many days where I would cry and worry, and just sit there praying.

I’ll never forget one day Carter was sitting on the living room floor playing with his cars and I was sitting on the couch. We had Pandora radio playing in the background with Disney songs, and the song “You’ll Be in my Heart” came on from Tarzan. For some reason, I just lost it and started sobbing. Carter looked at me like I was a crazy person, but then walked up and put his head into my stomach and lap. I picked him up and just hugged him so tight. I was feeling so overwhelmed and scared, and trying to just let go and let God, but there are moments where it is more challenging than others. Carter is the joy and love of our lives, and he is such a blessing. Of course I couldn’t help but get a little more crying out because it was just SO sweet of him. I love that little boy beyond words. My point is that having a pregnancy after a loss can bring on emotions at really any moment, especially songs in my case.

We really only told our immediate family members about this pregnancy when I was a little over ten weeks. It was hard to keep it a secret but I was so scared to share it at the same time. I was reminded when I told our families about my past pregnancy, and after it had ended in a loss I almost felt like I wish I would have kept it to myself. It’s the weirdest feeling, but you feel like your body is incapable at the time, and I’m not one to discuss my deep feelings very often. I am always looking for the positive or sunshine out of any situation because life it so short, so I tried to do that with my miscarriage too. But it did hit me hard in the most random times, and there were days where I would sit and cry. But crying is a good thing! It’s a release of emotions, and God is there to wipe those tears if you just sit and listen to him.

Getting into my second trimester and being able to hear the heartbeat at my 14 week appointment was such a relief. I felt stronger emotionally and physically, and knew that in just a few more weeks I would maybe feel our little baby move for the first time. Our ultrasound at 20 weeks was even better. We could finally see our baby again, and watching her move and roll around was just beautiful. I was teary-eyed the whole time, and just kept thanking God for this moment and this baby.

I have definitely been more emotional throughout this pregnancy. But I now go to my baby appointments at peace. I go to them at peace because I know through prayer and devotion that God is with me. He has a beautiful plan for us and I know that we just need to be patient as we see what’s next. Even though this pregnancy has caused me anxiety and many emotions, it has also taught me so much about myself. I feel more brave. I feel more empowered. I feel closer to God. I can’t help but thank him for each moment throughout this journey. Every time I feel our baby girl’s kicks and moves, (even when she’s jabbing me in the ribs LOL), it brings me so much joy. In just a couple more days I will officially be in my third trimester!

The entire journey of having a pregnancy after a miscarriage makes you so much more self aware. I also am more mindful that life truly is SO precious. We owe our pregnancy journey all to God and his wonderful work because we are so excited to meet our baby girl this July. If you have been through an experience like this, it does help to express your emotions by speaking about it. I’ll never forget May 2, 2018 when I took that positive pregnancy test with our angel baby. But I will forever strive to be the best mother I can be each and every day, I’ve grown so much from telling my story, and it has connected me with so many amazing women who have unfortunately been going through the same thing. I definitely wouldn’t have made it through without the support of my family and friends, so thank you so much again. It means the world to me and to our family! Now onto my third trimester, God is SO good!

Lots of love and God Bless,


Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester – Part One

January 27, 2019

Hooray for the second trimester! I am hoping to have a nice energy change in the next few weeks ahead. Today I’m heading down with my mom (it’s also her birthday) to Detroit to meet up with my sister Megan to go to a Wedding Show! Her and her fiancé Collin are getting married next June. SO EXCITING! Thankfully I woke up feeling fine, and even better after a cup of tea. I think it’ll feel good to get out and about today, other than just to the grocery store! It’ll be fun day of vendor searching and most of all spending time together. I am starting to show a little bit too. I think to others it might just look like I’m super bloated or something, but to me I definitely feel like I’m showing much sooner than my pregnancy with Carter. All and all it’s very exciting!

January 30, 2019

Today I started having a little bit of pain in my lower stomach, that almost felt like the same pain as when I had an ovarian cyst burst this past fall. But I also self-diagnosed it as possible round ligament pain, even though I didn’t have any of that until well over 20 weeks pregnant with Carter! I’m hoping it’s just something that’ll get better in time, and it’s nothing serious. I think it’s always a little scary when you’ve been through a pregnancy loss, because every little pinch or pain you feel makes you instantly worry.

I actually ended up calling the doctor’s office just to be sure, and the most amazing nurse Alyssa calmed my nerves and assured me that everything is most likely fine. But to follow up if it doesn’t get better in a week or so! It’s so nice when you’re comfortable with your nurses and doctors. It makes such a big difference when you’re going through a pregnancy!

February 5, 2019

It seemed like we had a busy day today; well I feel like we did anyways! We got our grocery shopping done, Carter got his hair trimmed, we visited my Grandma at the Assisted Living Facility, and I actually went in for a quick check up at the doctor. Nurse Alyssa had called to check in on me and see if my pain had gone away, but to be honest it hadn’t gotten any better but also hadn’t become any worse. They asked if I wanted to come in and check the baby’s heartbeat just for my own peace of mind and I definitely said “yes!” I headed right to the doctor’s office and they called me back to a room shortly. The baby’s heartbeat was a strong 145bpm and I felt a sigh of relief. I cannot thank the doctors and nurses enough for letting me come in to do that! I can’t speak highly enough about how great they have been through not only our pregnancy loss, but also our current pregnancy. I feel very very blessed to have them!

February 11, 2019

Today was appointment day!! I woke up feeling good, and ready to hear the baby’s heartbeat again. I spent the morning with Carter at the grocery store and playing in our living room, then my mom came over to watch him so I could head to the doctor’s. It was another good appointment! The doctor measured my belly this time, and the baby’s heartbeat was 145bpm. It was a pretty quick appointment because I didn’t have any questions, so I was out of there in about 20 minutes. Now to wait another four weeks for our next appointment and to find out if we will be having a boy or girl!

We took a trip to Sky Zone this week and I had to place Carter very carefully for this picture because my baby bump is starting to show! Just so we could keep it a secret still.

February 14, 2019

SO I actually planned on doing a Valentine’s Day baby announcement with Carter. But then I totally chickened out the day before, and decided to just wait until we have our anatomy scan, and get to see the baby again. We will also know what the gender is by then, so I figured we could just announce both. I get so excited to tell other people but then it also brings on anxiety of something possibly going wrong. There are still only a few people that know about our pregnancy. I’ve been praying a lot and reading devotionals just to help with my own inner peace. I know God has a plan and he will continue to protect both our family and our baby throughout this journey.

February 16, 2019

This has been an amazing day. For about a week now I have felt little flutters in my belly that some days I would think, “Oh! I think that was the baby!” But today I actually felt the baby in one spot for almost a whole minute. I had been running around the house cleaning, and picking up while Carter was napping and I finally got a chance to sit down and put my feet up. I grabbed a book to read and there it was. I felt an actual, very light movement in my low right stomach. I held my breath to make sure I was actually feeling something, and I was. I put my hand on my stomach and actually felt these little tiny kicks just barely pressing out on my belly! I couldn’t see the movement really, but I could most definitely feel it. It was so amazing that I started to cry. I honestly forgot how incredible it was to feel your baby move for the first time. I remember I didn’t actually feel Carter move until about 20 weeks along.

Even though it was very light, it was still something to give me more strength and confidence in my body for this pregnancy. I have had many moments of worry, and I’m not one to just sit and toss out all of my feelings I’d rather just keep them to myself. But sometimes that’s not always a good thing. I definitely fully rely on God to take away my fears, and praying has really helped. I am SO excited to keep feeling our baby grow and move around as this pregnancy continues. I know if you are a mother, that first time you feel your baby move is everything, isn’t it?!

February 20, 2019

I am very blessed to be a part of a “Mom’s Group” that meets once a week. Our kids play and us moms just get to chit chat about pretty much everything! I think today I feel especially thankful because I was able to openly talk about my pregnancy. Being surrounded by other pregnant moms and young moms is really helpful. It’s nice to share different ideas and resources amongst each other, and to have other adults to talk to since we are mostly talking to toddlers all day LOL! Carter loves to play with the other kids, and it’s fun to watch him interact with them. I feel so much better after getting together with them, and Carter always takes a nice long nap after too!

February 26, 2019

You know what’s worse than the stomach flu? Having the stomach flu while you’re pregnant… ugh! Carter was sick this past weekend and I thought I was in the clear but it finally hit me today too. By now its about 6:00pm and I’m finally starting to feel a little more like myself but it’s been a rough day and an even worse night last night! I think the worst part is constantly worrying about the fact that I really don’t have anything in my system to give the baby any nutrients. I’ve been able to take super small sips of water but nothing more than that. I am beyond thankful that Carter was a trooper today and napped for a solid three hours so I could get some extra rest too! It’s almost like he knew I needed it, right?! I did originally have a facial scheduled for today which was a bummer I had to miss, but those things can be rescheduled. I’m just hoping to feel back to normal by tomorrow!

March 2, 2019

Today we went and saw Disney Junior Live down in Midland! It was a long day, but it was all worth it to see Carter’s face when he met Mickey Mouse for the first time. It was actually a really cute show! We love Disney Junior so we knew all of the characters and most of the songs. I was finally feeling better today from our flu bug, so we had a great time. I also finally feel like I can eat normal again!

March 8, 2019

Lent started this past week, so I’ve been looking into some good fish recipes to have on Fridays! We love salmon and our local market gets fresh salmon in on Thursdays, so it’s very convenient. I made a really good salmon salad today that I know you will love too! It’s perfect for Lent Fridays or really any time! Check out the recipe here: Salmon Salad

March 11, 2019

7:00am: IT’S ULTRASOUND DAY!!!! We finally get to see our little baby again, and I have been praying and talking with God about calming my nerves for the past week. I am beyond excited to see the baby again, but also so nervous. This is a big day, and I have been feeling more and more peace the more I pray. It is all in God’s hands and I fully trust in him! Our ultrasound isn’t until 6:30pm tonight, so it’ll be a long day of waiting around.

8:30pm: We saw a healthy baby tonight! A healthy baby with functioning organs, beautiful bones, and an adorable little wiggle the whole time we were watching. I actually liked waiting until that time to have my ultrasound because lately the baby has been more active in the evening and we really got to see him or her move! We had the ultrasound technician put the gender of our baby in an envelope so we could save it for our gender reveal this coming Saturday. God is SO good and it was amazing to see our baby tonight. I was all teared up almost throughout the entire ultrasound because I just feel so blessed and thankful that my body has been growing this healthy baby. We are so excited to find out what we are having this weekend!

March 16, 2019

It’s gender reveal day!!! I will be posting a separate blog on all of the details so look out for that!

March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! No green beer for me, but there’s lots to celebrate still! We found out yesterday that we are having a GIRL!!! I am still so surprised. It was such an awesome reveal with our families! Read more about our gender reveal here: IT’S A GIRL!!!

March 21, 2019

I feel like today I have felt our baby girl move more than other days and I cannot get enough of it! I mostly feel her move in the morning and at night when I go to bed. But today she’s been an active little bug in there most of the afternoon as well! She must be so excited that we know she’s a girl now!!

March 29, 2019

Sometimes I need to be reminded that a little self care can go a long way. I was able to sneak in a pedicure this morning, thanks to my mom! We actually ended up having an eventful day afterwards too. First of all, my feet deserved some much needed TLC so that was amazing, then we headed down to Saginaw for the day! We stopped at a few places and did some grocery shopping at Meijer, then headed home. It’s so nice being back home, and being able to do things with my mom more often! I definitely missed that when we lived so far away. Especially being pregnant now, it’s amazing being so close to her!

Thanks for catching up with my Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester Part One! Part Two is already in the works and you’ll be able to catch that post in a few more weeks. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the awesome support I have received since the very beginning. I cannot wait to keep sharing our journey with everyone!

Lots of love and God Bless,


Pregnancy Diary: First Trimester

December 7, 2018

It was a normal morning in the Janis household. I was up pretty early because I had a follow-up ultrasound at 8:30am. This was to check on my ovarian cysts that were giving me issues this past fall. Jeff was up too and he was going to be watching Carter while I went to my appointment. Everything felt normal! I headed to the hospital for my ultrasound and was checked in right away. I headed down to Radiology and sat down in the waiting room, a little uncomfortable because I had to have a full bladder for the ultrasound! I was shortly called back by a really nice lady name Desiree, she gave me the instructions of what she would be doing, and then we were on our way.

Desiree had asked me a few questions as she was about to begin my ultrasound, one of them being, “when was your last period?” I said “Oh I think the first day was October 16th or 17th, I remember it was a Wednesday.” She started the ultrasound which first was just on my lower abdomen. I had mentioned that my cycles had been a little irregular since my miscarriage but I never actually missed a period until about a week or two prior. I had also said that my husband and I were trying again, but just waiting for God’s right timing to come along. I can’t remember the exact words because of the emotions, but I think Desiree said something like, “Well, I have some news for you.” I looked over, “Am I pregnant?!” She said, “Yep there’s a heartbeat and your little one!.” I then said something like “Oh my goodness, God is so good!! I think I’m going to cry!” Which I did, and just felt so much joy. Desiree called the doctor to make sure they knew right away knowing my miscarriage history, and then we finished up the ultrasound.

I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen again. I was filled with emotions when I was able to see our little one and hear their heartbeat. Anxiety for sure, but so much love and joy in the hopes that this pregnancy would go smoothly. Clearly I wasn’t going to tell anyone, so I decided to just write something in here! Once I do make it public I will post these little thoughts that you can read through, and then continue to follow along with my pregnancy. Saying so many prayers and thanking God in so many ways. I cannot wait to keep growing this little miracle. I got to keep an ultrasound picture that day, which was awesome because I was able to show Jeff when I got home. He was beaming, and SO excited for us. It was still kind of surreal that’s for sure!

December 9, 2018

I called the doctor’s office today to make my first actual prenatal appointment. We went over all of my medical history, and then the receptionist just wanted to double check with my doctor to see how soon he would need to see me. He had decided to send me over to get my bloodwork done, mainly to check my progesterone levels. They asked if I could do it that day it would be best.

I had just came home from grocery shopping with Carter, and I drove over to my parents house first. I knew my mom was home so I went inside with Carter and asked if she could watch him while I “unload my groceries and finish some laundry,” a.k.a. go and get my bloodwork done! The plan was to wait to tell our families on Christmas Day. Of course my mom didn’t mind watching Carter at all and said something like “Oh yeah take your time! I have nothing going!” (Lucky me lol). I got into the lab pretty quick, and got my bloodwork done. I headed back home in no time, and as far as I know my mom didn’t suspect anything! I brought Carter back home, and we went on with our day.

December 10, 2018

I had been waiting for the doctor’s office to call me with my bloodwork results. When the nurse called, I was actually over at my parents’ house and said to myself, “Crap! This is the doctors office calling!” I casually took the phone call in the guest bedroom, hoping they wouldn’t ask a bunch of questions afterwards LOL, which they didn’t! It was one of my nurses, telling me that my progesterone levels were a little lower than what they should be and that one week from now I should go back in for more bloodwork to make sure they rise up. I think at the time I was hearing what she was saying and responding, but also couldn’t help but think of all kinds of thoughts that I shouldn’t have. I had to take a few deep breaths to just kind of calm down and remind myself that everything is in God’s hands. The week went by a little slow, but luckily I had some exciting weekend plans.

My sister Megan, just recently got engaged and she had a wedding meeting on Saturday afternoon. My mom and I met up with her and her fiancé Collin for lunch, and then we headed to the wedding planning place. SO exciting!! None of them knew about our pregnancy, so luckily there were no cocktail options involved or that would have gave it away! It was such a fun day exploring options and talking all things wedding. I also stayed at one of my best friend’s house that night, Abby, because we were celebrating our other best friend Alexis’s nursing graduation the next day. Well, of course Abby and I normally have wine together so when she offered me a glass I had to decline… and tell her the exciting news! She was so excited for us. It was a really nice night, and a great weekend catching up with my friends that live downstate!

Besides the doctors and Jeff of course, only two other people know about our baby currently. I think this time it’s been one of those things where since I know how it feels for something to go wrong, I almost don’t want to share it with a ton of people just yet. I realize how exciting this whole thing is and we are beyond blessed and thankful! But at the same time, lately I have felt like if I didn’t have to share it, I just wasn’t ready to. It sounds weird. But I think if you’ve ever had a pregnancy after a miscarriage you would understand the feelings I have. So for now I’m keeping it pretty quiet.

December 17, 2018

Monday morning! Time to get my bloodwork done again. I actually had a facial scheduled for 11:00am that morning, so I decided to ask my mom if she would come over a little before 10:00am, so I could “go get my grocery shopping done.” Little did she know I was going to get my bloodwork done again, but I totally fooled her. It kind of cracks me up now thinking about it, and how sneaky I had to be! The hospital was really busy that day I was actually late to my facial! But luckily everything worked out with that. I was wondering when I would hear about my results, but just tried to stay busy.

December 18, 2018

I got a call first thing in the morning today! It was the nurse from my doctor’s office with some great news. My progesterone levels are nice and high where they need to be, and the rest of my bloodwork looked great. Such a sigh of relief! I then was able to schedule another ultrasound for the end of the week. I cannot wait for Friday!! I will be able to see our baby and hear it’s perfect little heartbeat again. This will also give us an updated ultrasound picture to wrap in a present box for our families. I COULDN’T BE MORE EXCITED!!! Tomorrow will mark nine weeks, so I hope we are able to get a cute little view of him or her this Friday. God is so good, and we are just so excited and thankful for this pregnancy!

December 19, 2018

Nine weeks today. NINE WEEKS! Another day to be so thankful for this little miracle growing inside me. I will totally admit the fatigue is getting to me and I feel like I could nap for three hours and still be tired! But luckily Carter keeps me busy, and I have been able to close my eyes here and there while he naps. I keep wanting to share the news with my mom so bad but I know it’s going to be that much more special by waiting for Christmas morning! I am really looking forward to my ultrasound in two days.

December 21, 2018

8:30am: I have had butterflies in my stomach all morning. My ultrasound is at 12:30 this afternoon, and Carter was up extra early this morning so it’s making the time go by a little slow! I decided to take the time to write while Carter is finishing up his breakfast. I’ve been feeling pretty good the past couple days, but for some reason today I feel awful! No foods sound good, and so I’ve just been sipping on warm lemon water. I decided to take Carter next door to my parents to sit with my mom (who still doesn’t know about the baby LOL). It actually made me feel better by going over there and just getting out of our house for a bit. I swear pregnancy can make you feel so yucky, but if you do just get up and move a little and maybe get some fresh air, it does wonders! Talking with my mom also made the time go by a little faster and Carter loves playing with the toys over there.

12:35pm: I’m all checked in and sitting in the waiting room, just saying my prayers and hoping for a great ultrasound.

1:20pm: Sitting in my car now! PRAISING THE LORD! Our baby looked great. He or she is measuring on schedule, and had a heartbeat of 168bpm. I am honestly in happy tears. Hearing his or her heartbeat was music to my ears, and we got some amazing snaps of our little one’s little hands and feet! They only look like tiny little buds right now, but it was absolutely incredible to see. I have so many memories from when I saw Carter for the first time, and was just in awe that God gave me the gift to grow that little miracle. And now here I am staring at my ultrasound pictures in pure joy just forever thanking God that he or she is healthy. The past few weeks I have been so anxious. I’ve had really good moments where I’m so excited, and other moments where I’m absolutely terrified something will happen again. But our full faith is in God. He has the ultimate plan for us, and we will be forever thankful for each blessing he gives us.

Ahh!! Now we wait a few more days to tell our families on Christmas the good news. I have totally almost slipped a few times and told my mom, but I’m so happy that we are going to wait for Christmas. It’ll make the glorious holiday that much better! I will be about 10 weeks by then. I cannot wait to finally share that we will be adding to our family next summer. God is so good!!

December 22, 2018

There have been lots of days spent in our pajamas lately!

My gender predictions are leaning more towards a girl, because I’ve been feeling so awful lately! I had such an easy pregnancy with Carter, and this one I have been dragging my feet each day. Ginger ale and lemon ginger tea has helped to make it a little more bearable but I’ll totally admit its been rough.

December 23, 2018

Megan and her fiancé are coming home today! We are so excited to have them in town for the whole week. It’s going to make Christmas even more special. I am a little worried because normally Megan always makes everyone a good cocktail when she’s here and I’ll have to pretend to drink mine or figure out a plan to avoid that LOL! I keep wanting to just tell everyone, but gosh Christmas morning is going to be that much more special when they find out.

Update: Jeff has been drinking my holiday mules instead tonight. What a good hubby! Hopefully nobody notices…

December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve! I woke up feeling awful per usual, but I’m trying to just get moving because we have lots going on today. We have our first Christmas of the week with Jeff’s mom and her fiancé Brad later this morning. It’s going to be fun watching Carter do Christmas this year. I know he is going to love it! We also have a small present box for Jeff’s mom to open very last with our ultrasound picture in it. I know she’ll be SO excited for us!

Our Christmas Eve is coming to an end! We just got home from the annual Gracik family Christmas party which was right next door at my parents house. It was so much fun! Carter had a blast playing with his other cousins too. So I planned on waiting until Christmas Day to tell my family about the baby, but I just had this feeling that Megan for sure expected something was up. So, earlier tonight we were at mass and we had just stood up to sing the first hymn. I leaned over to her and said, “Okay, don’t freak out. One more time, don’t freak out. I’m pregnant again!” She looks up at me, and was pretty much speechless and almost didn’t even believe me at first LOL! The look on her face was priceless. I think she was also in shock, it was great. I knew if I didn’t try any of her Christmas punch at the party later she was going to REALLY question what was up. I honestly can’t imagine telling her another way now. I’ll always remember the look on her face!

Ten weeks pregnant!

December 25, 2018

It has been such a great day. Other than feeling sick and super tired, it’s honestly been the best Christmas ever. We had a blast opening presents earlier this morning at our cabin with just our family, and then we headed to my parents to keep opening. Carter was in awe at all the fun new toys he got I think! His favorite so far besides his Hot Wheels cars, has been his new slide and his play shopping cart.

We waited for my mom’s very last present to open for her to see my ultrasound picture and find out about the baby. I think I was so antsy and excited I totally forgot to have someone record it, but I will never forget her reaction. The only box I had left to wrap was a baby TOMS shoe box. When she saw the box she looked a little confused, and I said something like “Oh that was the only box I had left.” She opened the box, pulled out the picture, and immediately lost it. Honestly I’m crying as I type this thinking about her reaction. My mom is a woman of God, and she has been praying so hard for us. She knows just how much we wanted to be pregnant again. She was always going to church to light prayer candles for us. I am SO happy I waited for this moment. She got up from the chair and hugged me and we cried together. It was a very emotional and such a heart warming moment I will truly never forget. My dad was beyond excited too and gave me the biggest hug. They both know our journey, and to hear that there is a healthy baby growing is such a blessing.

This was right after we told my parents! Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too great on Christmas Day this year, but it was still super exciting!

It’s also a blessing that my parents know now, all the reasons why I haven’t ate much, why I’ve looked so tired, and maybe haven’t been as chipper lately! I’ve been feeling pretty awful, so it’s nice they know now and can understand. We also FaceTimed with my cousin Natalie today so we could watch her open her Christmas and birthday present from Megan and I. Carter had a big brother shirt on, so I couldn’t resist telling her too. I know she has been praying for us throughout this journey as well!

December 26, 2018

So I’ve started to realize how my morning sickness works. I feel awful when I wake up in the morning, and after a small cup of lemon ginger tea that does help a little bit. But then about 10:30am hits, and I feel like a normal person! I’m able to get things done, eat a little bit, and go on with my day. But then about 3:00pm hits and I slowly start to feel awful again for the rest of the night. Pregnancy does some weird things to you. But I’m hoping that the further I get into my first trimester, I start feeling better.

December 31, 2018

New Years Eve! We don’t have any big plans tonight, but it’s still exciting because every time I think of 2019, I think of our baby. I keep getting the urge to online shop for baby stuff, even though we already have plenty from Carter! I think I’m just a little excited. I’m still thinking it’s a girl just because I have been feeling so yucky lately.

January 3, 2019

My friends and I were texting in our group chat tonight and we kept bringing up when we could go back to Disney. I couldn’t keep it in any longer, so I said something like, “As long as it’s after July.” And I send a picture of Carter and I on Christmas with my ultrasound picture. They were all so excited and it’s been a blessing since they know now! They cannot wait to be “aunties” again.

January 7, 2019

So this past weekend, I actually felt pretty good! I woke up with slight headaches but I didn’t feel nauseous. It was a beautiful weekend so we were outside enjoying the snow and sunshine most of the time. I was very tired but I don’t mind that pregnancy symptom. But gosh then I wake up today and feel like I’m back at square one feeling awful! I made some lemon ginger tea to try and settle my stomach. But it’s another morning where nothing sounds good to eat. I know if I get something in my system I’ll start to feel a little better. I was just looking back before I started writing for the day, and my first post in this pregnancy diary was one month ago today when I walked into my follow-up ultrasound. I’ll still never forget that day. Every morning that I feel yucky is more than worth it. We cannot wait to meet you little one. I was able to get outside with Carter this afternoon to play in the snow a little bit, which was fun! I know he enjoyed it!

January 14, 2019

6:50am: It’s the morning of my first actual appointment! FINALLY! I’ve been nervously waiting for this day. Luckily I have a morning appointment so I don’t need to sit around all day worrying. I think I’m most excited because we will hopefully be able to hear the heartbeat of our sweet little babe.

11:30am: It ended up being a longer morning than I had planned, but that’s okay. My appointment was supposed to be at 8:45am, but my doctor was in surgery later than expected so I actually didn’t see him until about 10:00am. Jeff was with me for my appointment originally, but since we would be waiting for a little while I told him to head up to work! My appointment went well. I had to get a full physical and get all checked up. It was a little nerve wracking when the doctor got the fetal doppler out because we couldn’t find a strong heartbeat right away. We could just barely hear it, almost like it sounded far away, rather than right up and close. It took a little maneuvering which was a little uncomfortable but we finally were able to hear it nice and strong. It was 165bpm. The sweetest sound and a huge sigh of relief. My next appointment is scheduled for February!

January 18, 2019

This was the first day in quite some time that I woke up feeling “normal.” Normally I wake up and feel nauseous right away, but today I actually felt like I could eat something to kind of help get my day going. Lemon and Ginger Tea has also been a life saver for me! I’m hoping that it will only go up from here as I head into my second trimester in a couple more weeks.

January 23, 2019

Today was a busy morning, so I think because I had to get up and get our dog Bella to the vet I was feeling good! She had an allergic reaction to something and was all swelled up. It was actually a little scary! But she’s doing much better now. We got a TON of snow between last night and today so I was hoping to get some play time outside in it! It wasn’t too cold so Carter and I went out after he woke up from his nap. We had so much fun, and I got a good workout running after him in the snow! When Jeff got home from work tonight, we road in the UTV with him while he plowed the driveway. Carter loved that, and actually almost fell asleep! It’s so nice that I’ve been feeling better lately.

I think this might be my last post for my first trimester! This weekend I will officially begin my second trimester, and ready to hopefully get some energy back. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our pregnancy journey so far, and I’m excited to keep everyone updated as we continue on this new adventure. We have been praying for this with all of our hearts, and are beyond thankful that God has blessed us with another baby!

Lots of love and God Bless,



I AM STILL SO SURPRISED!!! God is so good! We honestly are just overwhelmed with love and excitement. As I sit here and write this I still feel the emotions from our gender reveal yesterday. There were only a few people who knew were expecting again. Having a pregnancy after a miscarriage can be scary and a little stressful. I felt too anxious in the very beginning to share but now that we are over halfway through and saw a healthy baby on our ultrasound this past week, I would love for everyone to know now!

We decided to do some type of gender reveal several weeks ago. Jeff loves cars, and has a black Camaro so it was actually his idea for the burnout! He ordered the supplies and made sure everything was ready. I loved his involvement! He loved doing a gender reveal for Carter too, so this one was just as fun. He actually had to order two blue strips and two pink strips for the tires because neither of us knew what we were having! We had our ultrasound this past Monday and asked the technician to keep the gender a secret, because we would be doing a reveal this Saturday to find out. So she put the gender in a sealed envelope for us and we headed home. That envelope had been staring at me on our counter ALL WEEK LONG. I wanted to peek so bad!! I was actually trying to decode the gender myself based on the ultrasound pictures, and even pulled Carter’s pictures out to try and figure it out! I was getting a little antsy I guess… But waiting until Saturday was so worth it. I’ll never forget the feeling when I saw that pink smoke. I actually said to Jeff the morning of, “I think it’s a baby boy!” I obviously would have been happy either way! Our main concern was that the baby is healthy and growing well. This is all just so exciting!

It was about 4:00pm, and our amazing photographer Tiffany and her husband had just arrived to help us capture this special moment! Side note: If you ever need ANY pictures taken please contact Tiffany Richards at! She has done several photo sessions for us and I can’t even explain how amazing the pictures always are. Even when we had an unhappy toddler during our Christmas pictures, she captured some amazing moments!! She is so talented, and puts her whole heart into her work. I can’t thank her enough again for being there for us during such a special time! You can also “Like” her page on facebook to see more of her awesome work! Click here: (Tiffany Eberline Photography).

We had them take the envelope with the gender in it inside our garage, and had them get all of the supplies set up. Jeff and I hopped in the car and anxiously waited for everything to be set! We made sure the GoPro was set too and we were ready! At that very moment I was so excited that we waited to find out until then. It was all so special. The tires were set, and Jeff was ready to burn some smoke and rubber LOL! The engine started roaring and I couldn’t see the smoke right away. I was actually silently thinking, “Oh gosh I hope this works…” And just a few seconds later, HOT PINK SMOKE!! It started rolling out and I was in shock!! I really thought it was a baby boy at that point and was ready to see blue smoke come out! Instant tears came, and my heart was full of joy. IT’S A GIRL!!!!! The smoke actually blew inside the car and Jeff’s sweatshirt was covered in pink too! I couldn’t stop the tears at one point, and then I was worried my makeup would be all messed up for pictures after!

This is a screenshot from one of our videos! I was so surprised!!!

We were able to have a few family members there for the reveal and Carter of course too! He’s so excited to be a big brother, whether he knows it or not yet, LOL. He loves cars so I think he was most excited about the car revving the engine! He loved running through the pink powder too. His little Converse shoes were full of pink powder!

I think the Grandmas are excited to be getting a granddaughter!!
It was so special having my sister there too!!!

We also had some confetti poppers to use afterwards with him. He loved that part too! I got our poppers on Etsy! There are tons of options on there. Sometimes if I ask Carter where the baby is he points to my belly, but I think he’s a little too young still to really understand until the baby actually arrives! Maybe as my own belly gets bigger he will start to wonder a little more though too!

We are just SO excited. After our miscarriage I waited to see what God’s next plan for us was going to be, and little did I know he had a baby girl in store for us. Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers through this entire journey. It means the world to us and we cannot wait to meet our baby girl in July!!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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