I AM STILL SO SURPRISED!!! God is so good! We honestly are just overwhelmed with love and excitement. As I sit here and write this I still feel the emotions from our gender reveal yesterday. There were only a few people who knew were expecting again. Having a pregnancy after a miscarriage can be scary and a little stressful. I felt too anxious in the very beginning to share but now that we are over halfway through and saw a healthy baby on our ultrasound this past week, I would love for everyone to know now!

We decided to do some type of gender reveal several weeks ago. Jeff loves cars, and has a black Camaro so it was actually his idea for the burnout! He ordered the supplies and made sure everything was ready. I loved his involvement! He loved doing a gender reveal for Carter too, so this one was just as fun. He actually had to order two blue strips and two pink strips for the tires because neither of us knew what we were having! We had our ultrasound this past Monday and asked the technician to keep the gender a secret, because we would be doing a reveal this Saturday to find out. So she put the gender in a sealed envelope for us and we headed home. That envelope had been staring at me on our counter ALL WEEK LONG. I wanted to peek so bad!! I was actually trying to decode the gender myself based on the ultrasound pictures, and even pulled Carter’s pictures out to try and figure it out! I was getting a little antsy I guess… But waiting until Saturday was so worth it. I’ll never forget the feeling when I saw that pink smoke. I actually said to Jeff the morning of, “I think it’s a baby boy!” I obviously would have been happy either way! Our main concern was that the baby is healthy and growing well. This is all just so exciting!

It was about 4:00pm, and our amazing photographer Tiffany and her husband had just arrived to help us capture this special moment! Side note: If you ever need ANY pictures taken please contact Tiffany Richards at! She has done several photo sessions for us and I can’t even explain how amazing the pictures always are. Even when we had an unhappy toddler during our Christmas pictures, she captured some amazing moments!! She is so talented, and puts her whole heart into her work. I can’t thank her enough again for being there for us during such a special time! You can also “Like” her page on facebook to see more of her awesome work! Click here: (Tiffany Eberline Photography).

We had them take the envelope with the gender in it inside our garage, and had them get all of the supplies set up. Jeff and I hopped in the car and anxiously waited for everything to be set! We made sure the GoPro was set too and we were ready! At that very moment I was so excited that we waited to find out until then. It was all so special. The tires were set, and Jeff was ready to burn some smoke and rubber LOL! The engine started roaring and I couldn’t see the smoke right away. I was actually silently thinking, “Oh gosh I hope this works…” And just a few seconds later, HOT PINK SMOKE!! It started rolling out and I was in shock!! I really thought it was a baby boy at that point and was ready to see blue smoke come out! Instant tears came, and my heart was full of joy. IT’S A GIRL!!!!! The smoke actually blew inside the car and Jeff’s sweatshirt was covered in pink too! I couldn’t stop the tears at one point, and then I was worried my makeup would be all messed up for pictures after!

This is a screenshot from one of our videos! I was so surprised!!!

We were able to have a few family members there for the reveal and Carter of course too! He’s so excited to be a big brother, whether he knows it or not yet, LOL. He loves cars so I think he was most excited about the car revving the engine! He loved running through the pink powder too. His little Converse shoes were full of pink powder!

I think the Grandmas are excited to be getting a granddaughter!!
It was so special having my sister there too!!!

We also had some confetti poppers to use afterwards with him. He loved that part too! I got our poppers on Etsy! There are tons of options on there. Sometimes if I ask Carter where the baby is he points to my belly, but I think he’s a little too young still to really understand until the baby actually arrives! Maybe as my own belly gets bigger he will start to wonder a little more though too!

We are just SO excited. After our miscarriage I waited to see what God’s next plan for us was going to be, and little did I know he had a baby girl in store for us. Thank you all so much for your love, support, and prayers through this entire journey. It means the world to us and we cannot wait to meet our baby girl in July!!

Lots of love and God Bless,


6 thoughts on “IT’S A GIRL!!!

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  1. Love this!! So happy for you, Jeff and Carter! Can’t wait to meet this sweet baby girl…our granddaughter… in July!


  2. Alyssa,

    Aahh! I can’t wait!!! Thank you for sharing this special moment! So beautiful to see your family growing! Keep in touch!



  3. Beautiful post Alyssa! Baby GIRL Janis is very lucky to have such loving parents and a BIG brother to always look over her in life!


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