Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester – Part One

January 27, 2019

Hooray for the second trimester! I am hoping to have a nice energy change in the next few weeks ahead. Today I’m heading down with my mom (it’s also her birthday) to Detroit to meet up with my sister Megan to go to a Wedding Show! Her and her fiancé Collin are getting married next June. SO EXCITING! Thankfully I woke up feeling fine, and even better after a cup of tea. I think it’ll feel good to get out and about today, other than just to the grocery store! It’ll be fun day of vendor searching and most of all spending time together. I am starting to show a little bit too. I think to others it might just look like I’m super bloated or something, but to me I definitely feel like I’m showing much sooner than my pregnancy with Carter. All and all it’s very exciting!

January 30, 2019

Today I started having a little bit of pain in my lower stomach, that almost felt like the same pain as when I had an ovarian cyst burst this past fall. But I also self-diagnosed it as possible round ligament pain, even though I didn’t have any of that until well over 20 weeks pregnant with Carter! I’m hoping it’s just something that’ll get better in time, and it’s nothing serious. I think it’s always a little scary when you’ve been through a pregnancy loss, because every little pinch or pain you feel makes you instantly worry.

I actually ended up calling the doctor’s office just to be sure, and the most amazing nurse Alyssa calmed my nerves and assured me that everything is most likely fine. But to follow up if it doesn’t get better in a week or so! It’s so nice when you’re comfortable with your nurses and doctors. It makes such a big difference when you’re going through a pregnancy!

February 5, 2019

It seemed like we had a busy day today; well I feel like we did anyways! We got our grocery shopping done, Carter got his hair trimmed, we visited my Grandma at the Assisted Living Facility, and I actually went in for a quick check up at the doctor. Nurse Alyssa had called to check in on me and see if my pain had gone away, but to be honest it hadn’t gotten any better but also hadn’t become any worse. They asked if I wanted to come in and check the baby’s heartbeat just for my own peace of mind and I definitely said “yes!” I headed right to the doctor’s office and they called me back to a room shortly. The baby’s heartbeat was a strong 145bpm and I felt a sigh of relief. I cannot thank the doctors and nurses enough for letting me come in to do that! I can’t speak highly enough about how great they have been through not only our pregnancy loss, but also our current pregnancy. I feel very very blessed to have them!

February 11, 2019

Today was appointment day!! I woke up feeling good, and ready to hear the baby’s heartbeat again. I spent the morning with Carter at the grocery store and playing in our living room, then my mom came over to watch him so I could head to the doctor’s. It was another good appointment! The doctor measured my belly this time, and the baby’s heartbeat was 145bpm. It was a pretty quick appointment because I didn’t have any questions, so I was out of there in about 20 minutes. Now to wait another four weeks for our next appointment and to find out if we will be having a boy or girl!

We took a trip to Sky Zone this week and I had to place Carter very carefully for this picture because my baby bump is starting to show! Just so we could keep it a secret still.

February 14, 2019

SO I actually planned on doing a Valentine’s Day baby announcement with Carter. But then I totally chickened out the day before, and decided to just wait until we have our anatomy scan, and get to see the baby again. We will also know what the gender is by then, so I figured we could just announce both. I get so excited to tell other people but then it also brings on anxiety of something possibly going wrong. There are still only a few people that know about our pregnancy. I’ve been praying a lot and reading devotionals just to help with my own inner peace. I know God has a plan and he will continue to protect both our family and our baby throughout this journey.

February 16, 2019

This has been an amazing day. For about a week now I have felt little flutters in my belly that some days I would think, “Oh! I think that was the baby!” But today I actually felt the baby in one spot for almost a whole minute. I had been running around the house cleaning, and picking up while Carter was napping and I finally got a chance to sit down and put my feet up. I grabbed a book to read and there it was. I felt an actual, very light movement in my low right stomach. I held my breath to make sure I was actually feeling something, and I was. I put my hand on my stomach and actually felt these little tiny kicks just barely pressing out on my belly! I couldn’t see the movement really, but I could most definitely feel it. It was so amazing that I started to cry. I honestly forgot how incredible it was to feel your baby move for the first time. I remember I didn’t actually feel Carter move until about 20 weeks along.

Even though it was very light, it was still something to give me more strength and confidence in my body for this pregnancy. I have had many moments of worry, and I’m not one to just sit and toss out all of my feelings I’d rather just keep them to myself. But sometimes that’s not always a good thing. I definitely fully rely on God to take away my fears, and praying has really helped. I am SO excited to keep feeling our baby grow and move around as this pregnancy continues. I know if you are a mother, that first time you feel your baby move is everything, isn’t it?!

February 20, 2019

I am very blessed to be a part of a “Mom’s Group” that meets once a week. Our kids play and us moms just get to chit chat about pretty much everything! I think today I feel especially thankful because I was able to openly talk about my pregnancy. Being surrounded by other pregnant moms and young moms is really helpful. It’s nice to share different ideas and resources amongst each other, and to have other adults to talk to since we are mostly talking to toddlers all day LOL! Carter loves to play with the other kids, and it’s fun to watch him interact with them. I feel so much better after getting together with them, and Carter always takes a nice long nap after too!

February 26, 2019

You know what’s worse than the stomach flu? Having the stomach flu while you’re pregnant… ugh! Carter was sick this past weekend and I thought I was in the clear but it finally hit me today too. By now its about 6:00pm and I’m finally starting to feel a little more like myself but it’s been a rough day and an even worse night last night! I think the worst part is constantly worrying about the fact that I really don’t have anything in my system to give the baby any nutrients. I’ve been able to take super small sips of water but nothing more than that. I am beyond thankful that Carter was a trooper today and napped for a solid three hours so I could get some extra rest too! It’s almost like he knew I needed it, right?! I did originally have a facial scheduled for today which was a bummer I had to miss, but those things can be rescheduled. I’m just hoping to feel back to normal by tomorrow!

March 2, 2019

Today we went and saw Disney Junior Live down in Midland! It was a long day, but it was all worth it to see Carter’s face when he met Mickey Mouse for the first time. It was actually a really cute show! We love Disney Junior so we knew all of the characters and most of the songs. I was finally feeling better today from our flu bug, so we had a great time. I also finally feel like I can eat normal again!

March 8, 2019

Lent started this past week, so I’ve been looking into some good fish recipes to have on Fridays! We love salmon and our local market gets fresh salmon in on Thursdays, so it’s very convenient. I made a really good salmon salad today that I know you will love too! It’s perfect for Lent Fridays or really any time! Check out the recipe here: Salmon Salad

March 11, 2019

7:00am: IT’S ULTRASOUND DAY!!!! We finally get to see our little baby again, and I have been praying and talking with God about calming my nerves for the past week. I am beyond excited to see the baby again, but also so nervous. This is a big day, and I have been feeling more and more peace the more I pray. It is all in God’s hands and I fully trust in him! Our ultrasound isn’t until 6:30pm tonight, so it’ll be a long day of waiting around.

8:30pm: We saw a healthy baby tonight! A healthy baby with functioning organs, beautiful bones, and an adorable little wiggle the whole time we were watching. I actually liked waiting until that time to have my ultrasound because lately the baby has been more active in the evening and we really got to see him or her move! We had the ultrasound technician put the gender of our baby in an envelope so we could save it for our gender reveal this coming Saturday. God is SO good and it was amazing to see our baby tonight. I was all teared up almost throughout the entire ultrasound because I just feel so blessed and thankful that my body has been growing this healthy baby. We are so excited to find out what we are having this weekend!

March 16, 2019

It’s gender reveal day!!! I will be posting a separate blog on all of the details so look out for that!

March 17, 2019

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! No green beer for me, but there’s lots to celebrate still! We found out yesterday that we are having a GIRL!!! I am still so surprised. It was such an awesome reveal with our families! Read more about our gender reveal here: IT’S A GIRL!!!

March 21, 2019

I feel like today I have felt our baby girl move more than other days and I cannot get enough of it! I mostly feel her move in the morning and at night when I go to bed. But today she’s been an active little bug in there most of the afternoon as well! She must be so excited that we know she’s a girl now!!

March 29, 2019

Sometimes I need to be reminded that a little self care can go a long way. I was able to sneak in a pedicure this morning, thanks to my mom! We actually ended up having an eventful day afterwards too. First of all, my feet deserved some much needed TLC so that was amazing, then we headed down to Saginaw for the day! We stopped at a few places and did some grocery shopping at Meijer, then headed home. It’s so nice being back home, and being able to do things with my mom more often! I definitely missed that when we lived so far away. Especially being pregnant now, it’s amazing being so close to her!

Thanks for catching up with my Pregnancy Diary: Second Trimester Part One! Part Two is already in the works and you’ll be able to catch that post in a few more weeks. I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the awesome support I have received since the very beginning. I cannot wait to keep sharing our journey with everyone!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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