Let’s Answer Some Questions!

For those of you who sent in questions through my personal Instagram account, thank you so much!  I was actually surprised by the number of them that came in, so I decided to choose a good bunch of them and answer them for everyone!  If your question was not chosen this time, don’t worry! It may be answered the next time I do a blog like this one!  Hope you enjoy, and thank you again for some awesome questions.

Favorite baby items during the first year?

Great question!  I feel like there were a few main things we used for Carter that were super important.  Baby locks!  Once Carter became mobile, I felt like he was always getting into the cabinets, and I for sure didn’t want him opening the wrong one so I baby proofed most of them, except one.  I kept one drawer in the kitchen that was in reach for him full of random Tupperware and toys that kept him busy while I cooked!  Teething toys.  Carter never liked the ones that went in the freezer, but we loved the Munchin’ Mit and the Corn on the Cob Teether LOL.  They were both his favorites and did wonders for us!  Be prepared for lots of drool!  Activity Cube or Activity Table.  I registered for an Activity Cube, and it’s one of Carter’s favorite toys even at nineteen months!  When he was a little baby he would crawl next to it and just move the objects around, but it’s been fun watching him develop and keep enjoying it as he gets older.  Our friends had an Activity table that was awesome too.  I suggest either or!

Were you disappointed to move when Jeff got traded?

I think I would have felt different if he was traded, but actually he just wasn’t re-signed!  I knew there was a chance we wouldn’t be in Green Bay since Jeff’s contract was up after four years.  But we hadn’t really heard anything so I just started to assume maybe we would still be there?  The process is so interesting.  So many emotions came to me when I knew we would no longer be in Green Bay.  When Jeff had heard that he was going to be a Cleveland Brown,  I was so excited for him to continue his football career with another great team.  But we had just spent four wonderful years in Green Bay and I think that was the hardest part.  In four years we made amazing friends, explored Wisconsin, started a family, had our first home, and so much more.  I wasn’t disappointed but I was definitely sad to leave.  But football is family, and I will never forget that.  Green Bay always felt like home to us, and we will definitely plan some visits back there!

  What is it like being an NFL wife?

I had a few people ask me something along these lines to this, so I thought I would answer it.  Growing up we would watch the Detroit Lions, since we grew up in Michigan,  and I never once thought about the things I think about now.  I think some people seem to think it’s a glamorous lifestyle with limousines and champagne.  But I promise you we are just a normal couple from the midwest.  I enjoyed our time in Green Bay when I was a co-host on The Better Half on Fox 11 because I felt like as women in the NFL we were able to show that we are committed to our husband’s and the sport more than anyone.  I enjoyed all of the amazing people we were able to meet too. But there’s more to it than that. Nobody else sees our husband’s come home sore and hurting after a game.  Nobody else literally feels sick to their stomach when they see their husband get hit or hurt.  Even when other players get hurt who I’ve never even met before, I immediately think of their families.  Nobody else feels the nerves every Sunday that any NFL family feels around the league.  It can be a little scary and honestly it can also get a little lonely.  During the season the schedule is so busy that you’re by yourself a lot, with your kiddos of course, but it’s hard when your husband can’t be around as often as they would want while the season goes on.  However, we are able to watch our husbands live out their childhood dreams! And that is such a blessing.  We also get a ton of time in the off-season to plan loads of family time.  My favorite part from being a woman in the NFL, was meeting the football family that we will have for the rest of our lives.  I don’t know what we would do without them!

Where did you get all of your baby Packers gear?

The Packers Pro Shop has lots of super cute choices!  That’s where I found the outfits in the pictures below.  But I actually found most of the stuff I dressed Carter in on Etsy.  They have loads of choices that you can get personalized. I loved it! Just search “Green Bay Packers Baby Outfits.”  

How do you make friends when moving to a new city?

It’s totally hard I will admit that!  I felt so comfortable in Green Bay and had so many wonderful friends that when we moved to Ohio I was in a bit of a rut since I didn’t know anyone!  I actually started writing and turned my time into blogging which I’m so thankful for.  But I will say if you are religious to start by going to church.  Not only praying about it, but meeting other families and parents through the church can be super helpful!  I started this and met a family that sat behind me actually, but we ended up moving about two weeks later after Jeff was released.  I will also say I am more than thankful that many of the Cleveland Browns’ wives were SO welcoming and friendly to me when I would attend practices and see them! It’s definitely hard being the “new girl.”

Do you and Jeff plan on having more kids in the future?

We definitely both want more kids!! Just waiting for God’s timing.

Have you ever considered publishing a cookbook?

You know I’ve never actually thought about it, I love putting my recipes on my blog though!  But that actually sounds like a fun idea, I will definitely keep that in mind.  Thank you so much!

What are your plans since you guys are not currently with a team?

Lots of family time and hunting so far!  We are currently back in Michigan, and just enjoying the down time.  It’s definitely been a different fall than we are used to, but it’s been really good for us.  Jeff has been able to be with Carter so much more as he changes day to day, and I’ve had some mommy time to go to the store by myself since he is around!  So for now, we are still in a waiting game because Jeff could technically still be called from teams.  Because of that he is still staying active and has been keeping up with his workouts.  We aren’t quite sure what the next step will be when football is officially over and he retires from the NFL, but that’s okay!  God will have a wonderful plan for us when that time comes!

What is your favorite nightly TV show?

Oh my where do I begin?  Currently Mondays we normally watch whoever is playing that night.  But I normally watch Dancing With The Stars!  Tuesdays we watch The Curse of Oak Island on the History channel.  The new season just started and we are super excited for it.  Wednesdays I watch Riverdale it’s currently my ultimate favorite, even though it’s scary! (I’m a total wimp).  Thursdays are normally for Grey’s Anatomy but I am still catching up on the last season so I haven’t watched the current one yet!  Plus we are normally watching Thursday night football instead.  But honestly we don’t watch that much TV in general, only at night after Carter has went to bed!  If we have it on during the day at all it’s normally on Disney Junior or HGTV.  I will say I do like my reality TV shows as well like Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules.

Do you and Jeff like the same type of music?

Pretty close.  We both listen to country together most of the time.  We like Chris Janson, Cole Swindell, Luke Bryan, and more.  But not going to lie he totally jams to Backstreet Boys with me when I’m in control of the jams!  He also likes classic rock songs like ACDC and others because he used to listen to those songs with his dad.

How did you and Jeff meet?

Jeff and I grew up together in the small town of Tawas, Michigan.  We went to different elementary schools, but the same middle and high school.  We never dated until our junior year in high school, and the rest is history!  Here’s a good throwback picture to one of our high school proms!

What is Carter getting from Santa Claus this year?

He is getting a Large Little Tikes Slide!  When we took our trip to Green Bay, we stayed with some of our friends who had one and he literally played on it the whole time.  It was so cute!  We will keep it inside for now until the weather warms up this spring.  I cannot wait for him to wake up and see it in front of the tree on Christmas morning.  I will for sure be recording his reaction!  

What was your favorite moment in Jeff’s career with the Packers?

This is a hard one!  There were so many awesome moments during our time in Green Bay, so I will list a few of my all time favorites. Jeff’s Hail Mary catch in Arizona was absolutely incredible.  I was watching the game with a couple other wives, and I think when I saw Aaron launch the ball in the air I like blacked out or something and all of a sudden I saw Jeff holding the ball up. “OMG HE CAUGHT IT!!!” We were all jumping up and down screaming and cheering it was SO cool.  I couldn’t believe it!  It was such an incredible and defining moment in Jeff’s football career we will never forget it.  

Another moment was Jeff’s first Lambeau Leap.  It was during a preseason game, and I can still remember the exact moment.  He ran into the end zone, didn’t even hesitate, and hopped up for his first Lambeau leap.  It was so exciting!  We have the ball in a case because it was such a special moment.  There were other game moments that were super exciting, but I think my other favorite moments were the down time or get-togethers we had with the other teammates.  We did receiver dinners quite often throughout the season and that was always a blast.  We would eat dinner and then always play a game like “Heads Up” or “Apples to Apples.”  When all of the guys are together they are hilarious and I was always really close with the other receiver wives!  I still keep in touch with most of them.  We had so many fun memories together!

Is there a team you wish Jeff could go play for?

Not necessarily, a job is a job for sure!  But over the years I always thought it would be neat for Jeff to play for the Detroit Lions, only because we grew up Lions fans and it’s so close to home.  I always loved when the Packers got to play at Ford Field each year, because so many of our friends and family were able to attend the game!

Where did you attend college and did you graduate with a degree?

I attended Central Michigan University and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree in Therapeutic Recreation.  

What is your “go-to” recipe that feeds the whole family?

Definitely my Lemon Chicken with Veggie Quinoa.  I actually have this recipe on my blog for everyone to try for themselves!  I honestly make this at least once a week and always make extra so we can heat it up for lunch the next day.  Carter loves it too, and its full of veggies!  It’s a win win when you find recipes like this, I hope you enjoy it too!

That’s all for now!! Thank you so much for sending in so many awesome questions.  I will be doing something like this again since I had such a great number to answer, so don’t forget to look out for that!  I hope you enjoyed this post, check back soon for the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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