Wisconsin Dells Mini Vacay

I recently realized that we haven’t been on a vacation with Carter yet!  Jeff and I have done a little traveling since Carter was born, but we always went just the two of us.  So we decided to make a mini vacation out of our quick trip to Wisconsin, and I’d love to share about it!  

Back in October while I visited friends in Green Bay, Jeff went hunting over in Alma, WI.  He got a ten point buck that week, and got a mount of the antlers done.  He also got it processed over there, but we had to wait a few weeks for everything to be done.  Since Jeff planned on going back to Wisconsin to pick all of those goodies up, we decided to make a trip out of it with Carter!  When we lived in Green Bay, everyone would talk about the Wisconsin Dells and would ask if we’ve ever been.  In four years of living there, we actually never ventured that way!  Jeff had a signing at one of the resorts at one point, but that was about it.  It’s neat that from being a football family we were able to go back and explore after Jeff’s time in Wisconsin.  Without our football life, we probably never would have gone!

We booked our stay at the Chula Vista Resort and Waterpark because they had a good deal going on.  It’s actually still going on through the month of December if you want to check it out.  One little tip that I would have done differently, is staying in the condos instead of the hotel because it’s a way closer walk to the indoor waterpark.  But then again, it took us nine hours to get there so stretching our legs over the few days wasn’t too bad.  The resort was also setting up for Christmas, so there were all kinds of cute decorations around!  I highly recommend going in December during the week not only because of the decorations, but mainly because we basically had the whole place to ourselves!  No lines, no crowded pools, and tons of room for Carter to play.  It was great.

 The indoor waterpark there is pretty big, and we were able to do most of it other than the huge slides with Carter.  Jeff of course went on all of them by himself though LOL.  The kiddie pool had two little slides that were perfect for Carter, and lots of fun water buckets and toys for him to play with.

They have a little downtown area about three miles from the resort that has a bunch of bars, restaurants, and little shops.  But we just ate at the restaurants that were at the resort and brought snacks just to make it easier, and because Jeff and Carter are always hungry!  We especially liked the breakfast at the Kilbourn City Grill.

There is a kids area near the spa that had a few activities going on while we were there, but since Carter is so young still we mainly just did the waterpark and then he needed a nap.  We also explored in the arcade which was fun!  Carter loved all of the lights, buttons, and music in there.  Since Jeff and I won lots of tickets (mostly me because I hit the jackpot on a game, just saying!), Carter picked out some Hot Wheels cars to take home which he loved too!

We had a blast overall!  And I was so proud of Carter for doing so well traveling.  He only had a hard time in the car when we were about two hours from home.  It was a long drive, so I don’t blame him!  Even though it was such a quick trip, it was the perfect amount of time to explore something new and get some awesome family time in.  

I do recommend going to the Wisconsin Dells, it’s a great area.  If we do ever go again I think we might try the Wilderness Resort, I heard that one is awesome too!  Or if you have any other suggestions feel free to let us know.  Check back again soon for the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


One thought on “Wisconsin Dells Mini Vacay

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  1. Hi Alyssa!!

    It’s been some time since I’ve messaged you, but I’ve still been following your blog. It’s always a highlight to see my email notification of a new Next Play With Mrs. J post!! It’s also a good break from studying for school! 🙂 So glad finals are coming around.

    Even though I am a Wisconsin native, I haven’t been to Wisconsin Dells much, but I’ve enjoyed my time the few times I’ve been there. I am so glad you, Jeff, and Carter had a great time and without the crowds. Summer can be pretty busy sometimes with all the tourists and vacationers!

    When Carter is older, you definitely need to visit Wisconsin Dells again and try out Mt. Olympus and Noah’s Ark, especially the roller coaster Hades. It’s wicked!

    May you, Jeff, and Carter have a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year!



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