Saying Goodbye to Summer 2021

How is it already the first week of school and the month of September?! Two more days and Carter will be starting school. Both kids are in bed, and I’m sitting here almost in shock that our summer is over! I think this has been the most fun, busy, and rewarding summer we’ve had as a family. Carter and Payton were at such fun ages to take them on adventures, and I can’t help but smile looking through our summer photos.

It was a Monday and I had planned on getting everything organized and ready for Carter’s first day on Wednesday. Well, that started off as planned. I tossed in some laundry, got our list for the store made, and cooked the kids breakfast. We played in P’s room for a while and then got dressed for the store. Now I will say, the first 10 minutes at Neimans were a little rocky because we couldn’t stop to look at the toys. I am telling you, I swear I’m a professional “redirector.” I had us going on a grocery adventure just to avoid the toy section that screams at your kids as they walk by. But it was honestly fun. Neither child wanted to ride in the cart, so we just took our time and went down every aisle. Carter got to pick out a couple snacks for school, and Payton picked one out for, well because Carter got to pick one out LOL. We headed home after and made sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch I had the kids help me make some protein balls! They had a blast adding in the ingredients and trying to stir the thick mixture. I personally love making them whenever I get the chance! If you want to make your own batch, click here for our recipe!

Carter asked to go outside after we were done. We were trying to keep Bella occupied and away from the landscapers, so we headed to the beach! And before I knew it I had two naked children swimming LOL.

We did have to take a break to deliver a part up to the shop, but right when we got back the kids were asking to go back down to the beach. We found a couple beach glass pieces, tried to catch minnows, tossed some big rocks, and made the sweetest little footprints in the sand. Looking back, today went nothing like I thought it would, and that’s okay. That laundry I threw in earlier? Still in the washer and will need to be rinsed again! But it was our last full day of summer. Tomorrow night we will be in bed early for our first day of school on Wednesday, so today really was one last hoorah. And what better way than this! They both helped me make dinner afterwards too.

There are days that can be so challenging as a mom, and then there are other days that you just don’t want to end! I could have sat there all day with them, listening to their giggles and splashes at the beach. And Payton’s been talking so much more, so her commentary throughout the whole swim was the cutest too. They’re both sound asleep now, and I just wanted to go snuggle them! Mom life sure is interesting. Our summer might be coming to an end, but we are more than ready to get into a routine and start a new season.

We hope you had an amazing summer, and a great first week back to school!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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