Carter’s First Haircut

I think my first-time-mom syndrome kicked in just a bit on this one.  For the longest time Carter’s hair has been getting in his face constantly, and it was driving Jeff nuts.  I never had a problem with just swiping it out of his eyes, but Jeff thought it was getting too long.  We decided to schedule a haircut with my favorite gal Mindy, who has been doing my hair for as long as I can remember!  I wasn’t super ready to cut Carter’s hair though, and I hope I’m not the only mom who has felt like this.

I just kept thinking of another little boy we know, who had his hair cut for the same reason and I swear he looked like a different baby afterwards!  I still see the little baby in Carter who was only about eight months old this time last year, and I didn’t want that to change.  I’m totally going to have a rough time with this whole “your kids actually do grow up” thing…  I’ve said it before, but I’m an emotional hoarder!  I don’t like change, and I like when things stay the same; probably because it’s easier.  Okay, I realize I’m getting way too deep into this over my child’s haircut, but sometimes my mind just wanders over the simplest things!  Dramatic party of one over here.

My main thought was to make sure the little pieces that always got in Carter’s eyes would be trimmed, and then a little more if needed.  I remember Jeff asked a few days before, “what type of haircuts do kids who are Carter’s age get? Like mine?” After I fixed my shocked face, I replied with something like, “Um… as in buzzed?! Just a little trim is all he needs.”  That’s exactly what Mindy did, (she’s such a rockstar), and he still looked like my little boy!  She even saved the sweet little baby hairs she trimmed in an envelope so I could keep them, and also have some proof to show Jeff that we actually cut it!  We kept everything else the same, because his curls are so bouncy and cute.  I didn’t want those to go away.  Mindy was awesome with Carter, and he actually sat pretty well!  She cut his hair for about five minutes, which was about as long as he would sit still.  But honestly, that’s a long time for him!  Having a sucker from Grandpa’s office helped a little bit too.

Overall, the tiny hair trim has made a difference!  He probably still looks the same to everyone, but I can see the small change.  Plus his bangs are starting to get a cute little wave to them since they have been trimmed, which I love.  Yes I thought way too much into this whole thing, but that’s what us first-time-moms do, right?  Check back again soon for the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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