Tawas Blueberry Picking

Back in full mom mode today! I was gone this past weekend at my best friend’s bachelorette party, which was so much fun. I knew I wanted to do something fun with the kids today on my first day back home! Side note: so thankful for grandparents and our kids aunt and uncle for rounding the troops all weekend, with Jeff being gone too!

I figured we would get up, have breakfast, and go to the park today. But when I opened my Instagram, the first thing that popped up was blueberry picking at the farm just up the street from us! I love signs from God like that, what a fun idea to start our week off. So we put our boots on and headed out. I actually didn’t even tell the kids where we were going, we just loaded right up! When we first pulled in, Carter of course says, “Mama, I thought we were going to the park..” I then had to tell him that I needed his help finding the best blueberries for our recipes and that shifted him in blueberry mode! Always redirecting #momlife LOL! The farm gave both of them buckets for their own picking which they loved too.

I brought our wagon and the diaper bag packed with tons of reinforcements just incase (if you’re a mom you know what I mean!), the kids little cheeks were already red within the first five minutes LOL, so I was a little worried we wouldn’t be staying long. But we found a row of berries full of shade and sun and pretty much picked on the same five bushes the whole them! Payton wasn’t using her bucket much as first, she was just eating them off of the bushes ha! My little berry queen. But once she saw Carter filling his, she joined in!

When we went up to pay, we almost had a small meltdown when half of Carter’s bucket tipped over onto the ground LOL. But we pulled it together and got them all accounted for!

It was honestly such a fun morning. The sun was shining and the kids did really well! I probably could have stayed another hour or so by myself, but for the short time we were there we came home with some full buckets! We came home after and had a picnic on the porch. If you’re in the Tawas area sometime soon you should add some blueberry picking in your schedule. Check out the Tawas Blueberry Farm website for their hours and picking times! You can find them on Instagram and Facebook as well. We love supporting small family businesses.

Now getting them all washed up and deciding what recipes to make with all of our berries!

Lots of love & God Bless,


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  1. I know! I love when you have a free morning, afternoon, or even free hour, and God gives you the invite for something unexpected!


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