Toys By The Tub

I had a little moment to myself last night and decided to fill my tub to soak and relax in.I closed the door and tried to be sneaky so the kids wouldn’t notice, or else they’d be in there with me LOL. But don’t worry Jeff was with them! I added some bubbles, took a deep breath, and hopped in.

I sank down into the tub, opened my eyes and I saw them. The police van, the tug boat, Miss Hippo, a random letter “n”, and all of the other little toys on the side of the bathtub. I had cleaned them up and put them on the side quickly after the kids bath, and told myself I’d put them away next time. Well clearly that didn’t happen quite yet. The kids have enjoyed taking their bath in my tub lately because they “get more cleaner” according to Carter anyways!

But those toys on the side of the tub didn’t bother me for once. And let me tell you, there are days when there are toys literally in every inch of our house and it drives me nuts. But not last night. They reminded me of our sweet little ones who are getting so big. They reminded me of their little voices playing in the tub. I smiled thinking of how I have to change my clothes after bath time because I always end up soaked. The toys reminded me that I’m a blessed mom of two. They also reminded me that a little patience goes a long way.

I kept soaking and more thoughts filled my head. Your little ones won’t remember if the house was clean or not, they’ll remember those silly times you let them take a bath in your tub though. They’ll remember how you played sinking ship with them. And they will remember feeling loved, and feeling your presence most of all.

Let the toys sit there a little longer, one day there won’t be any toys to look at as your kiddos get older. I know I need this reminder more often. Do you see toys by your tub too?

Lots of love & God Bless,


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