Fourth of July 2021

After such a busy weekend, I love taking the time to reflect, look at our photos, and thank God for all of our blessings. I bet most people would agree how awesome this past weekend felt! Our small town was packed with people, boats, and so much fun. I love seeing our town like that. There really isn’t anything like a small town Fourth of July!

We had a busy day of both parades for Janis Tire. The streets were packed! I personally loved seeing all of the matching family outfits too. It was SO nice seeing so many familiar faces in both Tawas and Oscoda. The love and support that we receive for our small business is incredible and we are so grateful for it! We hope those who got a football, love them. Next year we will need to order more! We passed out candy too, and Carter was a little bummed I gave away all of the suckers at first LOL! And Payton’s face during the parade was hilarious, I feel like she was so confused on what was even happening ha! But it was so much fun having them ride with us. I can’t imagine it any other way, and can’t wait to keep our parade tradition going!

I found our matching shirts on Pink Lily Boutique. They were super soft and comfy! I have ordered a few other things from their website for other occasions as well. Fast shipping too!

It was our first time watching the fireworks at night from our boat. I was a little hesitant at first, just thinking of it being a long day and late night for the kids. But that special husband of mine made sure we went! And golly I can’t thank him enough. It was such a special night. The kids were in awe of the fireworks. Which might I add were probably the best I have been able to see in Tawas! Awesome job! Carter was actually a little scared going into it, because he thought they would be scary or too loud. But he really liked them! It was such a gorgeous night. I loved packing the kids blankies and snuggling on the boat together!

Sitting out there on the water, watching the sunset, and being with our family; God is so good. Even the small squall of gnats and fish flies didn’t stop us from enjoying the view. I type that thinking of us covered in towels, only showing our eyes until the wind finally picked up and they went away LOL! But I kept thanking God that they weren’t insects that bite! Sure they were stuck in our hair, on our clothes, and all over the boat, but still! Could have been worse! It was so nice being out there. And I’ll be honest, Payton did throw a small tantrum after the show, but fell asleep 10 seconds after! And Carter passed out on the ride back to the beach too. Thankfully both kids went to bed great once we got back home! I am so happy we went, it was so worth it. Definitely adding this to our Fourth of July tradition list too for years to come.

Today has had me feeling all of the feels for some reason. I think it’s our kids. The ages they’re at make the holidays feel even more special. Having them experience different things, and go on fun adventures as a family; I love it. And I also learn so much each time. Our summer has been jam packed already, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon! But I feel more than ready to keep enjoying and learning every moment of it. Even through the long “Momdays,” when nothing is getting done and my kids aren’t having a good behavior day, I am so grateful. Because lately both Carter and Payton have been looking so grown up and I can’t believe how fast time is going.

We hope you had an amazing holiday weekend! Did you add any traditions to your list this year? I’d love to hear about them! Thanks again for catching up with the Next Play.

God Bless America!


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