Patience And Naps

Do you ever just need a hug? Or some time to rest your eyes? I’m almost thirty years old and sometimes I just need a hug, or a moment to myself to close my eyes and rest! We’re all human. We need that self care and rest just as much as our children need it too.

We got into the car after school today, and I could tell Carter was tired. He normally chats my ear off the entire way home LOL, but today he was pretty quiet. Once we got home, I started making the kids lunch and Carter asked if he could have some hot chocolate. I made him a small cup, but I didn’t have any whipped cream left to put on top. It was the end of world… he got SO upset and was crying and yelling. Payton even looked at him confused. I tried to get him to settle down but then he became upset when he noticed that I moved his toys while he was at school. On top of that, he spilled his water bottle and became even more upset.

It was almost 12:15, and I saw Payton get done with her lunch so I wiped her off and took her to her room to nap. Carter was still crying and followed me there. He had even made a few not nice comments. I will totally admit I was still keeping my cool and staying patient with him. Regardless of what he was saying right that second, I was validating his feelings and letting him know that I understood why he was upset, and that I was sorry, etc. But nothing seemed to help him feel better. I got Payton in her crib and we walked out of the room.

We went back into the kitchen and I put his lunch in front of him. He screamed that he didn’t want any lunch. At this point he still wasn’t talking very nice so I got stern with him and even raised my voice unfortunately. It was getting to be too much. Carter of course didn’t like very much and finally he yelled back that he just wanted to go to nap. He NEVER admits he needs a nap… so it dawned on me that he must be really tired. It’s Thursday, it’s been a long week, and there were a couple of nights this week that he didn’t get to bed on time. The poor kid was tired. It wasn’t the whipped cream, or moving the toys really, he just needed some rest. Within five minutes of snuggling on the couch together he fell right asleep.

I felt awful that I ended up getting upset with him. At this point he was already snoring a little. I even took his temperature just incase. But the poor little man must have been so tired that he couldn’t seem to control those big emotions of his. Just like us, when things feel overwhelming or when we’re tired? We often get upset at others or cry too. And that’s okay. I think that’s actually a good thing sometimes when we do let our emotions out, in a safe way of course. I thought about last night when I actually had a moment where I cried after bath time because I was exhausted and it had been a long day.

Giving myself grace for this one, and soaking up the extra snuggles from my almost four year old. I love you buddy. Mom life is challenging, and so hard sometimes. But we’re all trying our best and that’s all that matters. Give yourself grace too! Nobody is perfect.

Lots of love and God Bless


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  1. Everyone of us can relate to Carter! Me many times, and I regret taking out my frustration or exhaustion on someone who doesn’t deserve it. I strive to give others love, even if I am not in the greatest mood. But sometimes, the emotions and the conditions I’m in make me forgetful. That’s where we all can never stop giving grace and forgiveness and understand that we’re not perfect, like you said. Hope Carter’s in a better mood!


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