Pearl Of My Heart

It’s been a while! But I have a new project that I wanted to share, and one that I think you will like as much as we did. I’m always looking for more heartfelt gifts or projects to do. So when I was contacted by this awesome small shop to make a unique type of keepsake, I was super excited. Check out their website here!:

This is from a small shop called Pearl of my Heart, and their idea behind this is incredible. I loved the idea of having more than just a photo, and also actual hands that I know have held so many memories. The process was super easy, and the ingredients involved are safe and great quality! I also couldn’t believe the details from our hands that the mold captured. SO neat. I personally loved making ours, and I am still so excited about how it turned out. I think next time I’ll try to do one with the kids when they’re a little older!

Jeff and I rarely find the time to get two words in with each other when the kids are around lol! And I love that, but this was also a really neat and quick project to do together just the two of us. And I mean come on ladies.. when do you ever get a chance to involve your husband in something crafty! It was really special. We also had to stand holding our hands in the mix for nine minutes straight, so talk about some nice, quality time together!! I know Jeff loved every minute of it LOL. I have a highlight video on my Instagram page (@nextplaywithmrs.j) you can check out for more footage of how we made ours!

This is such an awesome keepsake. I SO wish I could have done something like this with my grandparents, or even have had my parents been able to make one with their parents. I love photos, and probably take way too many, BUT this is more than a photo. You can feel the love in the hands, and I’m so glad Jeff and I made one together. You can get yours too! They have a few kits to choose from based on what you’re thinking. AND you can use the code: ALYSSA10 to get a discount! I can’t wait to see who you make yours with. Feel free to tag me in your projects!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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