‘‘Twas One Week Before Christmas…”

If you thought I was going to write my own version of “Twas the night before Christmas” book, I’m sorry that this is not it and I hope you won’t be disappointed LOL. But here we are just one week before Christmas already! I think I’m ready? Who knows, I probably forget something! In Carter’s eyes though, it’s been such a special season. I think it has kept us all grounded and focused on the true meaning of Christmas as well.

I was awake with Carter this morning and he asked me how many days until Christmas. I double checked, and noticed today is one week away from Christmas Day. I told him just seven more days. We’ve been opening our advent calendar each day, finding our elf Jolly around the house, playing with our manger scene, and doing Christmas crafts. Carter has been so blessed to still go to school during this time too. He has really been embracing the Christmas magic this year and our whole house feels it too.

Thursday morning before Carter headed to his Christmas party at school!

But what stuck out to me, was after I told Carter that there are only seven more days until Christmas, he asked “And then it’s over? But when do we have it again?” The first thing that came to my mind, was the birth of Jesus. So I told him, “Well just like your birthday only comes once a year, Jesus has his birthday once a year too.” Carter accepted what I had to say and got back to playing with his rescue vehicles. Then about two minutes later, he asks, “But then we have Jesus’s birthday next Christmas again?” I replied “Yep, we celebrate it every year!” I should have known he was going to keep quizzing me LOL.

Carter then asked, “But how old is Jesus going to be on his birthday?” I was stumped at first, but then I put it in Carter’s hands and asked, “How old do you think Jesus will be?” Carter sat there for a moment and then said, “Ummm I think he’s three like me!” I smiled and gave him a hug. I started to fold some clothes, and then he came into the living room with me. He asked, “Is it almost time for Christmas?” I said, “Yep remember, just seven more days until Christmas Day.” He said, “And then it will be Jesus’s birthday?” I said, “Yes, then it will be His birthday.” The look on Carter’s face looked a little puzzled. But then he just says, “That’s nice. I think that’s really nice! I like Christmas!” The innocence and the way he answered me, I hope I never forget it.

In my mind as a mom, I wanted time to freeze! His precious voice, and the way he thinks just makes me want him to stay this age. I have found it SO fascinating and wonderful to watch Carter grow and learn each day. I am so thankful I get to be home with him even on our days where my patience runs a little low. I never realized what an impact a three year old could make on my heart and mind especially around the holidays. To them, it’s an exciting time in so many other ways than we would think!

I know everyone is feeling how different the holidays are this year. I wrote about it in my “Thanksgiving Feels Different” blog. Usually I feel like December is jam packed. I normally feel a little over-scheduled and am running around trying to remember everything! But this year, our calendar was pretty bare. I think that’s what we needed. I think this was honestly a great way to settle in, take a deep breath, and think about the true meaning of Christmas. Especially as I see it through the eyes of a three year old! Did you ever have a really magical Christmas that you won’t ever forget? I know I still remember Christmas mornings at our home growing up. I know I definitely woke my parents up too early a few years, I’m sure an extra cup of coffee helped though LOL. And then Megan and I would cover our eyes on our way down the stairs, so we wouldn’t see what Santa brought us by the tree, until we opened our stockings! That’s just how we liked to do things, and I loved that. We’d have leftover cinnamon rolls from my Aunt Barb for breakfast, or sometimes even a sugar cookie! And then we would head to my grandparents houses, to keep celebrating the day.

My mom made Christmas SO magical each year. I mean our house could have been in a magazine just from the decorations alone! But it wasn’t about that, it was the feeling she brought into our house. The excitement from the very first day of advent. My mom would also put our manger scene up, but not put baby Jesus into the stable until Christmas Day. Along with the three kings; they would not be near the stable until the Epiphany celebration. My mom always kept Christmas about Jesus, and made sure Megan and I knew that. I mean the matching dresses most years were also a staple too LOL. She made Christmas so much more though, and I mean and she still does! I just would love for my children to feel just as special as I did growing up during the holidays. — love you mom, thank you❤️❤️

I could go on and on about so many things I remember from Christmas growing up. I want to make that same impact on my little ones too. When they are grown up, I hope they remember our Christmas mornings. I hope they remember the magic. I hope they remember the love in our home, always. I truly think the reason I feel this way, and why I hope and pray for my children like this, is because of my mom.

So this Christmas, I’m seeing it through the eyes of a three year old. And I have been this whole season! It has made every moment and memory so much more magical. Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Let’s all embrace our inner child, as we get ready to celebrate this glorious holiday. I hope and pray that this next week brings you those joyful moments you need, to keep getting through what a year it’s been. Remember that God is always near, and he loves you.

Merry Christmas & God Bless!


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  1. OK. Crying my eyes out right now! First, the story about Carter asking about Jesus’ birthday! And then your Christmas memories! Love you so much and am so blessed for the love of our family and the time we share together. And always blessed that God gave me you and Megan and now our beautiful grandchildren. Carter truly has embraced the Christmas magic! So looking forward to celebrating this special day with you! Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!


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