The Cleaning Can Wait

I had a special moment with Carter tonight, that I knew I needed to just take the time and write about. I decided to make a poem out of it, and I already can’t get through it without crying! God is so good, and we are so thankful for our little guy. I hope you enjoy it too!

We finished reading all of our books tonight, and I said “Alright, little man.”

It was time for Carter to head to bed, and for me to finish cleaning and plan.

Mainly plan for the next day, and maybe what we’d have for meals.

I wanted to make sure the house was picked up, so I didn’t slip on any Hot Wheels!

But instead of heading right to bed, Carter laid his head on my chest. 

I looked down at my little boy and thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, this is the best!”

There are rare moments like these, where my little guy takes a chance to sit still.

He is normally all action all of the time, and barely takes a moment to just chill!

I stared down at my little boy, and looked at those long legs and toes.

I honestly cannot believe how big he is, and wonder where the time really goes.

Those sweet little feet I remember, from the special day in April that we finally got to meet you.

Now those feet run around all day, and taking your socks off is your favorite thing to do.

I ran my fingers through your sweet blonde hair, and kissed your precious head.

I didn’t care how late it was, you didn’t need to go right to bed.

We laid there together in silence, for about ten minutes or so.

I couldn’t hold my tears back, you couldn’t see me though!

The tears falling were happy tears, full of love and adding this one to the list.

I feel so blessed you made me a mommy sweet boy, plus I’m emotional and I couldn’t resist.

I kept saying I love you, and you’re my precious little man.

I know you’ll grow up to do great things, and always try as hard as you can.

I think about the day we had, as we kept laying in bed.

Did I spend enough time listening to you?  Or was there more I could have said?

I was definitely living in the moment, and thought I owe this moment to God.

He knew I needed this little time, it was like I looked up and he gave me a nod.

I said a prayer thanking him, and for the beautiful gift of motherhood.

It’s not always the easiest job, but in every day there is a little good.

I hoped that Carter could feel how much this moment meant to me, and never let it end.

I didn’t even care how late it was, this was time that we really needed to spend.

My little boy is growing up so fast, each day he learns something brand new.

He truly gives the best hugs and smiles. God sure blessed us with you!

So here I sit and already reminisce about the sweet little moment we had.

I will cherish it forever, and remember it in good times and in bad.

I stare at the baby camera, and watch as you close those sweet blue eyes.

Time really does fly, and I miss you so much already little guy.

I decided the cleaning can wait, and I am more than happy I did.

I knew I needed to write about this moment, before I closed my own eyelids.

I thank God for giving me this moment, a chance to really see how much my baby has grown.

Everyone always says they grow up too fast, and they were all right; I should have known!

I could have taken the time to take a picture of us, but decided to just do the legs and feet.

That was all I needed to capture this moment, and to keep it playing on repeat.

Don’t forget to cherish the tiny moments, especially when your little ones initiate it first.

I could have froze the time forever tonight, my heart was truly about to burst!

Those tiny toes will be even bigger one day, and these moments won’t happen much or at all.

But I’ll always remember this night, no matter how big or how small.

“Who knew such small feet could leave such big imprints on your heart.”

God knew my heart needed you Carter James, forever and from the very start.


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  1. Alyssa,

    This is such a beautiful poem, I read it three times, and each time I grew more emotional and full of gratitude for all I am blessed with. I have noticed recently how there are moments where I think God is telling me to slow down and enjoy life the way He planned it to be. But for me to write a poem like this, it would take me hours. How long did it take you?

    Hope all is well,



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