Finger Painting

Even though there is no snow by us quite yet, it sure feels like winter.  We were cooped up inside yesterday, and our usual toys and books were starting to bore Carter!  I looked around our house to see what else we could do and I remembered we had some finger paint in our craft drawer.  Of course I could only find three colors, but that was plenty for Carter!  They happened to be Thanksgiving colors, so we plan to make some cards with the pictures that Carter painted.

I sat him in his highchair and let him go to town.  Only one incident occurred where he tried to put the paint in his mouth… but he learned pretty quick not to do that again LOL.  One thing I knew I wanted to try with Carter was getting him to make handprints.  I have some hand prints from the last holiday season and even footprints we made.  It’s really neat to see how big he really has become!

This is such a simple activity, and with unpredictable midwest weather, you always need to have some tricks up your sleeves!  We had a blast painting so I knew I wanted to share this on my blog to give others some extra rainy day activities.  If you get a chance to paint with your little ones, I’d love to hear about it!

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