Day Off Vibes

“Above all, love each other deeply” 1 Peter 4:8

HOORAY FOR DAYS OFF! We absolutely love when Jeff gets to stay the night at home and spend the following day with us.  Most of the time we just sit and stare into each other’s eyes since we don’t get to see each other very often during camp.  Yeah right… that’s definitely not true! But we do enjoy lots of good quality time together, that’s for sure!  Each day off is different depending on how Jeff is feeling.  There are days we just stick around home, or other days where we go out and get things done.  I love both!  Just as long as we are spending time together as a family.

Today we did a little bit of everything.  We slept in, (until 8:00am when Carter woke up), and got some good morning cuddles in from our little man!  I made a simple breakfast with eggs and avocados for all three of us, and then we decided to head to the store for a new mattress.  We went to the Sleep Number store about a half hour from our house, and after about an hour, we found the perfect one!  Carter was a good boy, and had a great time jumping on the beds too.  His favorite song is “Five Little Monkeys” so the mattress store was right up his alley.  Since we were already out and about, we decided to stop and get some lunch.  We found a great place in Akron called “Melt Bar and Grilled” and had some really yummy sandwiches! Here is the link if you are ever in the area and want to check it out.  (

Carter was pretty tired by the time we got home, so he headed right to his crib for a nap.  I could have done the dishes, or finished the laundry, but Jeff and I decided to watch a movie and relax instead.  The housework can always wait, right?  Bella got some good cuddles in with Jeff too which I know she appreciated.  Maybe one day I’ll bring home a friend for her to play with from the Puppy Pound at the Browns Training Camp?! Probably not, but it’s definitely tempting!

Back to our day off!  We were lucky enough to find a home in Ohio that has a huge yard.  We have plenty of space to shoot our bows, run around with Carter, and sit outside with our family.  But having a big yard also means someone has to mow it. Well, we are very blessed to have an awesome Ariens zero-turn lawn tractor that makes mowing the lawn super easy.  Mowing the lawn is one of Carter’s favorite things to do, so every day off Jeff puts Carter in our baby carrier and lets him ride along with him.  It’s the sweetest thing.  The hardest part is getting Carter inside the house after!

Side note: we love our Ergobaby 360 baby carrier!  It works for everything and isn’t hard on your back. I highly recommend it! Especially when your 15 month old is already 26lbs! Here is the link to check our baby carrier out! (


It was still beautiful outside this evening, so Jeff decided to wash his car and of course Carter loved to help with that too.  He mostly played in the soap bucket, but he did do a little scrubbing too.  He will definitely sleep good tonight after all of the fun outside with daddy today!

I like to cook dinner at home so we can eat together before Jeff heads back to the hotel.  Tonight I whipped up some lemon-garlic chicken with some veggie quinoa.  We try and eat healthy as much as we can, especially during the football season.  This recipe is full of flavor and on the healthy side too.  I will post the recipe sometime soon, and I hope those who try it enjoy it as much as we do!


We accomplished a good amount today; more than I had planned on!  But those are the best days, especially when we are all together.  As always, Jeff’s days off go by way too fast, but we enjoy every moment of them.  We are already looking forward to his next day off, but first it’s time for the Browns to prepare for their first home preseason game!  Cannot wait to be at FirstEnergy Stadium for my first time next week.  Thank you again for catching up with me, keep checking back for the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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