“What Does Blessing Mean?”

📸 cred: Payton🥹😍

So proud of that little hockey player above🏒, and cannot believe he will be SIX years old already next week!!🥺💚 After his hockey game tonight, I had all three kids by myself at the rink, so it was a little busy! But I asked Payton if she could take a picture of Carter and I when he came off the ice. I mainly wanted it for the memory, but it actually turned out so cute! She did such a good job!

We were laying in bed tonight doing prayers and for whatever reason, Carter had ALL the questions to ask. I answered every one of them, but one that stuck out was when he asked me what does “blessing” mean. I think because in our bedtime prayer I had ended saying something like, “and we praise and thank you for our blessings, Lord. Amen.” I also tell Carter, Payton and Levi that they are mine and daddy’s biggest blessings, so maybe he had been pondering on it, and decided to ask too.

I will say, Carter has always challenged me with questions. In a good way! He definitely makes me think lol! But I said, “Well a blessing is like a present from God that makes us feel super loved and super happy.” And Carter said, “So you said me, Payton and Levi are a blessing. So you feel um, what did you say a blessing is again?” I said, “An amazing present or gift from God that makes us so incredibly thankful and happy.” Carter responded, “and you feel really loved?” “Yes, absolutely. I feel loved, and so thankful that God gave me that blessing.” I said. I thought that might be the end of the question and answer game, but then Carter had one more thing to add.

He then said, “Hmmm, well I sure have a lot of blessings then!” And just like that, another core memory with him that I will never forget. I hope he always remembers it too.

I am just so proud to be his mom. And I am in shock that it has almost been six years since we first laid eyes on our sweet Carter James. I remember every single moment from that day like it was yesterday. The most incredible day, when Carter made me a mommy. So many emotions when your little one’s birthday comes around each year. Another year older, both of us lol, but another awesome year of memories, learning experiences, laughter, and oh so much love. Cannot wait to start celebrating our special boy!!

Lots of love & God Bless,


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  1. He is the sweetest little boy! You are right when he challenges you with questions! I am also amazed at the things he comes up with! Your answer to his question about blessings was perfect! Good job, mama! He’s learning from the best!


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