My Urban Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

I would love to share a few Easter Basket ideas that I am putting in both Carter and Payton’s baskets this year! Just four items in each, and then I’ll be adding a couple Easter treats from our local chocolate shop of course. Super simple, practical, and I am also giving you the links for shopping, all right in this blog post! I always love being able to support small shops, and when I find them in Michigan, it is a win win. These are just a few suggestions, but I hope as you browse the links below, you can find even more ideas from My Urban Toddler for Easter and for future gifts!

Boys Easter Basket

NightZone 8 Inch Blast Light Up Football

Burger Balance Game

Lake Life Hat

Mobi Math Learning Activity

Girls Easter Basket

Rainbow Patch Hat

Easter Egg Chalk

Nail Polish Set – Non-toxic

Mayoral Stripe Dress

I hope you love looking through these suggestions! Check out their clothing sections too, we love finding unique styles from My Urban Toddler!

Lots of love & God Bless,


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