Christmas Magic

It’s late.. everyone is sleeping, but I’m too excited lol. I think I needed to take the time to write quick to hopefully tire my eyes out a little bit! I am just so excited for tomorrow. There is nothing like being a mom on Christmas. That magic and love that you felt as a little one waking up on Christmas morning? It all comes back when you have your own kids. I can’t sleep! I’m too excited for Santa to come in the morning and to see our kid’s faces light up when they wake up. Those little squeals, smiles, and wonder of this special day, there is nothing better.

It’s been a very busy holiday season, but such a good one. From the moment we saw the first Christmas lights on the houses and downtown, to kissing everyone goodnight on Christmas Eve, it couldn’t be more special. I can be a little hard on myself and I had thoughts the other day like, did I do enough? Or should I have done more? But then as I lay in bed tonight and I feel calm. I feel the peace. I feel a love like no other. Being a kid on Christmas was SO special growing up thanks to my mom and dad. But now being a mom on Christmas? Wow. This is what it’s all about.

The details I remember that my mom did for my sister and I growing up still stick with me as a mom myself now. The older I get, I realize how much of that “Christmas magic” is now laid right in my hands. I love it. Yes. There is a lot on my shoulders already, and Christmas season doubles that, but it is worth it.

Our kids have changed so much in just one year. Looking at our family photo from last year and comparing it to ours tonight, I cannot believe how much Carter has grown! He’s so tall! And Payton was still a little toddler last year, this year she looks like a little girl.. slow down time! And now we have our sweet, little Levi this Christmas. God is so good.

To all of those moms out there still awake, I see you. Whether you’re trying to sleep out of excitement, or still wrapping gifts, you are the Christmas magic. Don’t ever forget that. I wish you a very blessed and wonderful rest of the Christmas season. Keep the spirit, wonder, and magic alive!

Lots of love & God Bless,


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