Easter Basket Ideas

I’ve been wanting to share some really cute and unique Easter basket gift ideas! Most of these items are from small shops, with owners I have connected with through my blog. Not only do they create and carry really neat products, but they also are supporting their own families too through their small companies! I know I’m excited for Easter, and I’m also hoping the weather starts warming up in Michigan for it. We need some sunshine! Check out the Easter basket ideas below with links attached and even a few discount codes to use!

Dabble & Dollop Bath Bombs – Discount code: NEXTPLAY15

We LOVE all Dabble & Dollop products! We love that each product is made with 10 ingredients or less, and ALL safe for your kids to use. Want to know more? The products are made right here in the USA! These bath bombs are also made for mixing and even more bath time fun. We also love the “Happy Happy Hand” wash set. And I’ll be honest, the esthetics on Dabble & Dollop products are amazing. Beautiful colors and designs that your kid’s will love too!

Eco-Friendly Tots Silicone Beach & Sand Sets – Discount code: PAYTON10

Is it beach weather yet?! The sand sets are perfect for your next trip or for some summer fun in the backyard. These toys are safely made and built to last! They are hypoallergenic to resist bacteria growth. We have so many other awesome products from Eco-Friendly Tots too, so if you need any recommendations let me know!

Carter’s Sunglasses

Payton’s Sunglasses

Mudpuppy Coloring Roll

I found these online from a Michigan boutique, and thought they were so cute! Perfect for traveling or eating out at a restaurant with your kid’s. Nice and compact too, easily stored in the diaper bag or mom’s purse!

Payton’s Bow

We love our SimplyKhandmade bows! We have several of them, and especially love them for pigtails. They’re made from beautiful fabric always, and great priced! Check out her Etsy shop for tons of other options too.

Carter’s Spring Shirt

Payton’s Spring Dress

Kiki & Lulu Co. Pajamas – Discount code: ALYSSA15

If you want the most soft and comfy pajamas to add into your little one’s Easter baskets, they have to be from Kiki & Lulu Co.! We have so many favorite prints, and our kids love choosing their favorites for bedtime. If you need help with sizing, let me know! I know your little one’s will love these pajamas as much as ours do.

And of course, we love bubbles. So I grabbed a six pack of bubble containers at Target recently! I only put one in each of the kid’s baskets, we will save the rest for a warm day LOL. I also added a final touch to the basket’s with a treat from our delicious and local chocolate shop in town! Check out their website here: The Village Chocolatier.

If you have any questions about Payton or Carter’s Easter basket, let me know. I am so excited to hear what you find for your little one’s too!

Lots of love & God Bless,


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  1. Such cute ideas! As a reading teacher, I would love to encourage parents to include a couple of books in Easter baskets as well!


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