Sense of Calm

Do you ever have those mornings where you’re rushing around trying to get everyone where they need to be on time, make sure everyone is fed (including pets), and everything in between! I look at this photo above and it honestly looks like we have it all together, but if I look closer, we had an amazing photographer capture a rare moment of us looking like that LOL. Moments after Carter was pulling his shirt up, and Payton was trying to get away! Photos are worth a thousand words they say.

The funny thing is if I wrote down all of the things that need to be done in the morning to make me feel like everything is in order, my list would be five pages long! But what I do know, is that there are some things that are way more important than others, especially as a mama. I think there are many times I think that everything needs to be perfect and complete, but in the long run I drive myself crazy. All our kids want, is to feel loved and fed. Well, Payton loves to feel fed more than Carter… lately he’s been a picky eater. They want to feel secure and safe, which I always hope and pray that Payton and Carter feel that way from Jeff and I. As a parent, I’ve learned that being present goes such a long way. Even if it’s going to make you run a little late in the morning. That extra hug or snuggle is well worth it. Adding in a little extra patience here and there goes a long way too! Some moments are easier than others with that…

I was up early this morning making sure all of Carter’s things were ready for school, and cooking breakfast for everyone. I took some time to put myself together too. I feel like if I brush my hair and put on a pair a jeans, I can conquer anything the day brings me. HA! I let Bella outside, and felt the crisp morning fall air. At first I thought “Oh gosh, it’s chilly!” Then I took a nice deep breath in and instantly felt a sense of calm. It reminded me of waking up early to go hunting with Jeff, when it feels a little cold, but also the air is so clear and comforting. I thought, “Is that you, God?” I knew it was.

From the moment I woke up I was on the move. In the kitchen, in the laundry room, in the bedroom’s getting clothes and sneaking into wake Carter up (who snuck into our bed to sleep last night), and oh yes, saying good morning to Jeff can’t forget about the hubby! But as I took those few deep breaths and felt that sense and presence of God, I felt peace. Almost like He was telling me “Chill out, I’ve got this, and I’ve got you.” If that doesn’t just change your energy for the day, I’m not sure what will! Maybe God doesn’t use the words “chill out” but you get the point! We are in such an odd time with everything going on in our world, that I often get myself worked up over the things that are out of my control. But the thing is when I work at the things that I CAN control, that is what serves our family, and our God. He doesn’t want us to sit in fear, he wants us to cast our fear and our anxieties on Him! Pray about it, and watch him work through us.

Even when our house is torn apart, I am reminded of my most important job: to be a MOM. Just being there and being present for my children is most important, and I need to remember that. It’s perfectly fine to ask for help when I need it too. I think this morning God gave me the little nudge I needed. So, whatever you may be tackling this morning or worrying about, take a breath. For some of us I know our “worry list” feels pretty long these days! But take a moment and go outside. Breathe in the crisp morning air, and let God come in. I promise you it will not only make a difference in that exact moment, but also as you take on the rest of this week. If there is anything from this post that I hope you gain, it is that God is always near. Pray More, Worry Less. Feel that sense of calm that God is trying to instill in us.

Lots of love and God Bless,


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  1. Love this, Alyssa! I don’t have little ones to be tended, too; but I felt like I had the same kind of morning! God is Good…All the Time!


  2. So beautifully stated! Thanks for the reminder! My daughter lives in Portland, Oregon with the worst air quality ever due to wildfires! Praying we can send some of our chilly, fresh air west. God bless you and your family!


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