Favorite Baby Items (Happy Eight Weeks Payton Jeanne!)

It’s hard to believe that Payton is eight weeks old! It’s been a whirlwind becoming a mom of two. Each day is different, and some days are better than others of course! I’ve had several moms ask me what some of my favorite things are that I use for Payton, so I decided to make a post about them! Some things have worked for both Carter and Payton, and other things are new to us. But for some of you mommies out there that are getting ready to expect your first child, or your fourth, here is a list including some favorites! Most items have the link attached to find them to purchase for yourselves. And if you don’t need baby item advice, then just keep scrolling for some cute baby pictures from over the past eight weeks!

DockAtot Baby Lounger

This has been a life saver for both Carter and Payton. Carter slept in his until he was about ten months, and Payton has been sleeping in it since we brought her home from the hospital! It’s the perfect sleeping tool to help keep them snuggled in and feeling safe. There are tons of options and other brands that are similar to DockAtot that work just as good. I know we get a much better nights sleep as parents because of this little tool. It’s amazing for traveling too!

Sleep Sacks

Another amazing invention to help parents get a little more sleep at night in my point of view. Payton is not a huge fan of being swaddled. I tried several times and it’s just not her thing! She loves to sleep with her hands up by her head, just like her daddy and Carter do. So to keep her safe at night and warm I love using sleep sacks. I’m not worried about Payton staying warm enough, and I know when she wears her sleep sacks, it seems to click that it’s time for bed. Maybe I’m crazy for saying that since she is only eight weeks, but hey if it helps our entire family sleep at night, that’s a win win! Currently she has been wearing a BeBe au Lait Sleep Sack. Payton wears the size 6-12 months and she has plenty of room to grow into it. Pair this with the DockAtot, and you’re SET.

Nursing Pillow

BEFORE YOU KEEP SCROLLING! Even if you are not breastfeeding, this Aden and Anais Nursing Pillow is AMAZING. It not only duos as a pregnancy pillow, but it’s the perfect size and shape for other uses too. If you are breastfeeding, you go woman, this is a great pillow for nursing. And if you are bottle feeding (like Payton is), this is the perfect pillow to prop your little one up comfortably for you as well! We use this pillow for tummy time, snuggling, and if you have some “first-time baby holders” in the family, it’s a great pillow to help them feel secure. You can purchase several different covers for this pillow that can easily be washed too. I know everyone loves the Boppy pillow, but I actually liked this one way better! And look at that face below, Payton loves it too! (Insert huge heart eyes!!)

Portable Sound Machine

I wish I would have thought to have one of these with Carter! Payton is not a huge fan of her car seat, and this little guy helps soothe her so we can actually leave the house every now and then! I found this one at Target (use that Red Card of yours for 5% off), and we really like it. You can easily charge it when you aren’t using it, and it clips onto the car seat easily as well. This one in particular has three different sound settings, and it’s small which makes it easy to travel with. Highly recommend!

Bouncy Seat

There are so many of these to choose from, but the one attached is similar to ours that we used for Carter too! I think one thing that has been challenging becoming a mom of two, is not having eight hands like an octopus to do things. Although sometimes I am very impressed by how my multi-tasking has improved! It’s hard when your baby is still so teeny and not strong enough yet to put her down to sit by herself on the floor. But when your toddler needs lunch, a hug, and a new diaper, it’s way easier to set your baby down for just a bit in one of these. We are very lucky that Payton enjoys sitting in her little bouncy seat! It’s the perfect angle for her to relax a little longer while I tend to Carter with both of my hands LOL. Just please if you do have one of these or decide to get one, read all of the guidelines and safety measures when putting your baby in one of them! A little seat like this was helpful to have with Carter, but now it’s even more helpful since we had Payton! Another great item.

Baby Electric Nail File

Baby nails are like puppy nails, they are sharp and can do some damage. They are like little daggers! Payton has a few battle scars on her face from her own nails, and I feel like I am always trying to trim or file them down. My mom got me one of these electric nail files when we had Carter and it works AMAZING. I was always worrying about chopping our kids entire nails off! This electric nail file makes it easy. I set Payton in her little bouncy seat, and can go to work on hers. It’s great!

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Even if your baby is not a fan of being swaddled, I am in love with muslin blankets. They are the perfect size and material to keep your baby warm while holding her, or even to throw over your shoulder as a burp rag if needed. We put them on the ground for changing and tummy time too! The other neat thing is that I swear muslin blankets get better with every wash! We have a whole basket of them including many different brands and we really like all of them! Cloud Island by Target has some great designs and prices on them too.

Nose Frida & Little Remedies Saline Drops

This Nose Frida tool is the bomb dot com. I cannot believe how good it works to clear your little ones noses right up! This past week our household has been full of the sniffles, and unfortunately even Payton has been sounding a little congested! You can’t really do a whole lot for an eight week old, but with some of these saline drops and by using the Nose Frida, she’s doing much better. I still use it on Carter too, and it’s so easy to rinse and replace the filters after each use!

Stroller That Comes With a Bassinet

I have noticed that many stroller systems have an option to come with a bassinet to clip in, and I love that ours came with one! We have the Uppa Baby Vista Stroller and this system came with a bassinet making it even easier to take your baby on walks. I think with both Carter and Payton, I really looked forward to getting back on my feet again post birth, and getting to go on some walks. Instead of putting Payton in her car seat and attaching it onto the stroller, this bassinet option is a life saver. She can lay flat on her back and keep snoozing while I get some exercise in! Plus it can easily be attached to this stroller along with adding the toddler rumble seat in too. I know she’s comfortable and warm, and she can even stay sleeping in the bassinet inside our house too if she’s not quite ready to wake up yet. Highly recommend!


Photo credit to the fabulous Tiffany Eberline Photography! I’ve had many messages on my Instagram accounts (@nextplaywithmrs.j & @alyssajanis) on where I buy Payton and Carter’s pajamas and “comfies” as we call them. I find them all over the place but I do have some big favorites I’d love to share with everyone. Many of these little shops have options for matching toddler pajamas too, which I LOVE!

At eight weeks as a mom of two, I’m feeling more comfortable with our routines and how we do things each day now! I always say it, but one last thing to add to this list is “HELP.” Don’t forget to ask for help when you’re trying to transition with a new baby! I am beyond grateful for Payton and Carter’s grandparents who have continuously stepped up to help us whenever we have needed it. You guys are rockstars and we would be lost without you!

Got any items you think I should add to the list for Payton? Feel free to leave me a comment on this post or a private message! I hope you enjoyed scrolling through some pictures of our daily lives, and maybe gained a new item or two for your own baby list. Thanks again for catching up with the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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  1. Thank you! I am 60 years old, but love reading your blog because it brings back so many wonderful memories. I saved this one for when I have to give baby gifts. It has been a great help, so thank you!


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