Enjoy The Beauty

If you live in Michigan, or anywhere in the midwest I’m sure you can agree that lately it has been SO cold. We are starting to get a little stir crazy around here because it’s been too cold to play outside. Luckily with grandparents close by, we’ve been able to get a little change of scenery every now and then. I’ve been complaining (mostly on the inside), how annoying the cold is, and how I long to be on a beach or some place warm. My hands are dry from washing them so often trying to prevent getting sick, and my face is extra dry because of the cold air!

So another cold day came, and I was looking outside of our living room window. Our cabin is right on the lake, and we always see the most beautiful sunrises.

I always take pictures of them and keep them in my mind throughout the day. I think about how beautiful God’s creations are, and how thankful I am for this life. I kept looking at the sunrise in it’s yellow and orange glow, and then peaked down at the water. Because of that cold I have been complaining about, the waves that have washed up are now frozen. They made the most incredible ice shapes and sculptures naturally, and I was just looking at them through the window in awe. I started thinking again, about the beautiful sunrise and the awesome look of the ice. This is another one of God’s beautiful creations! The way he allowed the waves to wash up and form them into these different shapes was absolutely beautiful. I knew at some point I needed to sneak down there and take some pictures of everything.

I headed into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and a shiver sort of ran down my spine. I started to think about how chilly of a day it was going to be once again. But then I started to realize something. I have been complaining about this frigid cold weather each day, but while I was complaining, God was creating. While I was worrying about my dry hands, God was building with his hands. While I was complaining about being stuck inside and running out of ideas to do with Carter, God was right outside our window making new adventures for us to see. I stopped and realized that while I’ve been annoyed and negative about the weather, God has been using it for the better and continuing to show off his amazing work. While I was taking these pictures that’s all I could think about.

I think moments like this get the best of us sometimes. It is so easy for us to find the negative moments instead of the positive. When we talk with others we tend to speak about negative thoughts or how nothing is going right about your day. I’m guilty of it too! But when we flip our thoughts into positive it can change everything. As I was looking at the sunrise, I know it was God who was telling me to change my outlook on something as simple as the cold weather, and that it would bring a smile to my face rather than a scowl! How great is our God that even when we are negative, he continues to prove us wrong because there is always something to be positive about and thankful for.

I know I always need a reminder, and I wanted to write about it to share it with others as well! I also wanted to share the pictures with everyone of how neat the lake looks right now. If you needed this blog post today, you’re not alone! I need to realize it more often myself too. Although I am still thinking about purchasing one of those “Happy Lights” to maybe give me the extra boost I need sometimes! The more we spread positivity and kindness, the more others will catch on and do the same. I am always working to better myself at this, and I hope you can join in too. Check back again soon for the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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