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The Stitched Co.

It’s funny when you become a mom, and you don’t really shop for yourself anymore.  It’s all about the kiddos now!  I love picking out clothes for Carter.  We normally just grab things from here and there, but when it comes to special occasions I love finding unique items, especially for holidays and parties.

One of our favorite brands of clothes is The Stitched Co.!  I discovered this shop while I was still pregnant with Carter and I was browsing around on Etsy for cute football outfits for him.  First of all I love Etsy.  I love finding and supporting small shops.  Many small shops are run by stay at home moms, or they are second businesses for those who work during the day.  It’s awesome when you can find them to support, because I realize how much it means to them!  Megan is the owner of The Stitched Co., and pretty much a genius because she comes up with some amazing designs and patterns for the outfits she sells!  All of the leggings and pants are sewn by her personally, which I love.

Here are some of our favorites, and I’m sure as the holidays start to approach we will have some more!


Megan also makes custom designs if you just send her a quick email which is on her website.  If you have a specific party coming up that you want something special for and you don’t see it on her site, just message her.  This is what I did, and now Carter is ready for the Browns football season with his new gear!  She took my small idea and totally brought it to life!


Want to check out The Stitched Co. for yourself?!  Here are the links to the main website, and the Etsy shop:

I love sharing brands we love with everyone, especially when they come from small shops.  Maybe this will give you some ideas for events you have coming up, because everything seems to have a theme now!  Can’t wait to share our next small shop find with you!

Lots of love and God Bless,



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One thought on “The Stitched Co.

  1. I had always wondered where you got such cute outfits for Carter because I have never seen those designs before! Since Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday of mine, I especially love the “Leftovers are for quitters” top with the pumpkin pie bottoms. Makes me crave for warm, cozy fall foods!


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