This Christmas Season

Well.. we have all the cute wrapping paper!! But not a single present wrapped for anybody LOL. I feel like I’m normally so much more prepared than I am this year… I keep seeing this meme going around that the house is a disaster, the master closet is full of unopened boxes/packages, and they swear they are forgetting something or someone. You know which one I’m talking about? I’m like alright… who wrote this about me😂. Earlier today I was trying to kick it in gear and get things accomplished, but God said, “You’re going to sit and read Christmas books instead.” Or maybe that was Payton who said that lol..

Now I could have easily been a little annoyed because I mean you should see this place.. it is quite the scene and there is a ton that I’d like to get done. For some reason today though? It didn’t bother me one bit. Maybe I’m starting to learn.. We might not have any presents wrapped under the tree, Christmas crafts done, outfits picked out, or lists complete. But one thing that is here in our home, and has been since the Christmas season began, is our spirit. And the magic in every aspect through our children’s eyes. Watching them play with our manger scene, and listening to Carter tell Payton “how it’s supposed to go” lol. Watching them decorate the trees in their rooms, and do a daily rearranging of ornaments on our living room tree😂🎄. Seeing Carter open his advent calendar every morning. We don’t do a whole lot with our Elf on the Shelf, we just move him around the house each morning; the kids love having Jolly around. I was actually super impressed, Payton found him first today! Along with watching the kids dance to Christmas music, Carter sure has some moves lol!

I’ve realized that yes we could do every Christmas event of the season, I could tackle every Pinterest project that I pin, watch every Christmas movie, and stress about finding the perfect gifts, or I could just BE. Because I’ve realized that the things I do with our kids no matter how simple, is always an adventure for them either way. Today I tossed some cereal, sprinkles, cups, and candy canes in a box to make a hot chocolate sensory box, and the kids played with it all throughout the whole day! They loved it. I remember a few Saturday’s ago was our small town’s Christmas parade and tree lighting. We had planned on going, and then 4:30 rolled around and Payton was still sleeping, Carter was snuggled in, and I first I thought we needed to get up and get moving. But instead, we stayed in, turned the fireplace on, put on a Christmas movie and just relaxed. I second guessed myself if that was “okay” to be doing that at first.. how silly! And don’t get me wrong I love taking our kids places, and showing them new experiences, but we’ve been a little limited this month, kept things close to home and made it one amazing Christmas season anyways❤️.

I’ve been thinking about Mary this Christmas season more too. One day she’s working around the house, and the next minute there is a angel that appears to her saying she will give birth to the Son of God. Can you imagine.. one day you’re doing the dishes and all of a sudden an angel appears to you, telling you you’re pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and you will give birth to the Son of the Most High! I think I would almost second guess myself if I was worthy of such an incredible thing. But not Mary, she accepts with great joy right away. If anything, let’s remember that our most important “yes” this season? Will be to Jesus, and to serving him. And try to think of Mary and the way she served our Lord in the most amazing way.

So whether you have your entire Christmas list done, or maybe you haven’t started, you are just fine. Mary probably didn’t have much done either, let alone suddenly preparing for a baby! Let’s try to slow down a little and be more present instead. I’ve learned this a little extra this season, and at first it bugged me I will be honest! I felt like I should be doing more. But the more I do slow down, the more I realize how much I enjoy this special time of year. Now that Payton is another year older, it has been even more special watching the Christmas glow in her eyes. I’m so thankful she has Carter to get her extra excited too! God is good. We wish you the greatest Christmas blessings this holiday season, and hope you are filled with all of the love and joy!

Lots of love & God Bless,


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  1. Beautiful reflection, Alyssa! I especially love the part about Mary and the kids playing with the manger scene! God is so good and you are doing a great job reminding Carter and Payton about the reason we celebrate Christmas!


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