Bubbles & Joy

Amazing small shop alert! Y’all know how much I love sharing small shops throughout my blog, and I am so excited to share this one. And especially around this time of year, what’s more fun than sharing some small shops that you can include in your little one’s Christmas gifts. I actually found this company on Instagram when another mom shared about them. But I got to know Bubbles & Joy a little better when I won one of their giveaways they hosted! I won one of their bath boxes full of goodies, and have been a huge fan ever since.

Now I’m not sure about you other mamas, but our bath toys are often lacking a bit. We find ourselves throwing toys out because of mold, others have scratched our tub, and some have been made of yucky materials you wouldn’t really want in your bath time fun. When I discovered the Bubbles & Joy bath time subscription box being full of products that are safe, natural, long lasting, eco-friendly and of course fun, I couldn’t turn away. Each box is themed too!

We recently received this month’s Jungle Jamboree Box and I think it’s our new favorite. I couldn’t believe the amount of bubbles in the tub from just a small scoop of Bubble Whoosh powder! It also included a fun animal bath puzzle, Glo Pals (which are also an amazing bath time go-to for us – click here for more on them!). The box also had a super cute “Color Me” jungle bath time book, that my kids finger painted together, to reveal the colors!

With each box being themed, you get surprised every month with something completely new, and safe for your kids to use in the tub! I’ll be honest, my kids didn’t want to take a bath last night but they definitely needed one LOL. Thankfully our Bubbles & Joy box had been delivered, so they got extra excited to hop in the tub!

I think this subscription box would make an amazing Christmas gift for your own kids, or to gift to another. You can even buy single boxes if you want to see what a box looks like in person. From the themes and toys, to the product selection and right down to the packaging, this company is great. Maybe instead of getting more toys that your kiddos only get to open once on Christmas; how about supporting a small shop and getting a surprise box in the mail each month instead to open! And if you are gifting these boxes, you can select which day you’d like them to start as well. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on my Instagram or comment below on my blog post!

As we head into the holiday season, and yes I realize it’s not even Halloween quite yet, but just keeping you on your toes! Remember to try and support local businesses, small shops, friend’s businesses and more. You never know what an incredible impact you can make by shopping from a small business. Plus, I feel like when you shop small, that’s when you can find super unique gifts for your loved ones, like this bath box. Score!

You can follow Bubbles & Joy on Instagram as well, to see all of the awesome updates, sneak peeks, and maybe a few familiar faces 🙂 on their feed! I truly think you will love this small shop as much as we do. And there is nothing wrong with getting your Christmas shopping done a little early! Be sure to check this one out, and keep it in mind for your children’s lists.

Lots of love & God Bless,


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