Well, Let’s Go Browns!

“Pray more, worry less.” Matthew 6:34

I was super excited to put my feet up, open my computer, and get writing because today was a new adventure for us.  The first public practice of training camp was held this afternoon, which meant we were finally able to see where Jeff has been practicing since April!  Back in March, when Jeff signed his contract with the Browns, we were able to see the inside of the facility, along with the practice field.  It was empty when we first saw it since it was still the off-season. So today we were able to see the practice field in full force–which was really awesome.  That brown and orange is growing on me!


They had bleachers set up for the fans to come watch practice, and they were completely packed when we arrived.  Not gonna lie, it took me a bit to find Jeff on the field because I first started looking for #83… (whoops!) but I shortly found that very good-looking man wearing #13 and I totally got chills.


I immediately felt so proud of Jeff and so excited for what’s to come.  He works so hard and is so dedicated; it’s amazing to see him live out his dream.  I mean maybe I’m a little biased, okay I’m totally biased, but I think the Browns look great this year and it was neat seeing a new team practice!  You could feel the energy and drive from everyone, and this is only the beginning…

I have to give a shout out to the Browns’ hospitality as well.  First of all, I had no idea where I was going, and probably asked about five people just to double-check if I was heading the right way.  Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I made it to the field in no time.  Second, the organization actually had a family section for Carter and I to sit in!  Maybe this is the norm for most teams but I wasn’t expecting that at all.  They had water and other drinks available, plus tons of snacks!  It was super nice so we could be in the shade and watch Jeff.  And the best part… FREE ICE CREAM TREATS.  Like how could you say no to that?!  We normally don’t give Carter sweet treats like ice cream, but today that rule was thrown out the window since he barely napped and was pretty toasty in his stroller! Pretty sure he enjoyed it…


I didn’t let him have the whole thing, just a few bites to keep him occupied for a bit! And incase you were wondering, yes it melted in about ten seconds and Carter was covered in “rainbow push pop” shortly after.  But that’s what wipes are for!

Because there was a separate family area to watch practice, I found that I was surrounded by other wives and family members watching their own favorite players practice.  It was the perfect setting for us to make some new friends and meet some of the families.  Everyone was very welcoming, and Carter enjoyed seeing the other kids and babies as well.  It’s moments like this where all of the nerves seem to go away and you realize you’re not alone.  I had mentioned this in my first blog post, but this league can be a family for you no matter what team you are with, and I hope everyone who does have a spouse or significant other in this league takes advantage of that.  I had created such special bonds in Green Bay and I worried if I would even make friends or get involved in Cleveland.   I prayed about it, especially the past few days, because I felt like a new girl walking into a new school or something silly like that. God absolutely gave me strength, and I owe it all to him for giving me that peace and comfort I needed. I can’t wait to meet more families as we continue this journey!

We did get to see Jeff for a short time after practice today, and I can’t tell who was more excited, Carter or Jeff?!


I realize that this was only the first day of practice, but I felt such a sense of relief.  I know God is always watching over our family and has a wonderful plan for us.  I know even on the off days, because not every day is perfect, God will be there for us.

“If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Thanks again for reading, I am SO thankful for all of the love and support I have received on my blog already!

Can’t wait to share the next play with you soon!

Lots of love,


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