I’m that mom who enjoys following other mom’s on Instagram.  I love to see moms sharing moments with their kids, even if it’s during tantrums and sassy moments.  I like to see what products they love and use on a daily basis too!  The only way to really find out if certain things are going to work for your own kiddos is to try it with them.  But as a first time mom, a little direction can go a long way!

There is a wide selection of products for children to use when it comes to mealtime.  For the longest time when Carter started to feed himself, I would just put all of his food on his high chair tray and just let him go to town.  He would mix foods together and get messy eating with his hands.  He loved it.  I eventually wanted to expand his pallet a little more, and find some good recipes for him.  Breakfast is easy, Carter eats eggs almost every morning.  But lunch and dinner would sort of run together and I wanted him to get more of a variety.  I found an Instagram account while looking at some other mom blogs, and the username was “feedingmelody” (no space, because it’s an Instagram username).  The account was full of recipes for toddlers!  Her little one has a dairy allergy, so all of her recipes are actually dairy-free too.  With over 300 posts, there are countless recipe options to learn about making for your little ones.

I was writing some of the recipe ideas down as I scrolled through the page, and I kept noticing the plates that the meals were being served in.  They were neat shapes and sizes, and seemed to really help portion the actual meal.  I noticed when I just put Carter’s food across his highchair tray, I was always a little worried if I was portioning good enough, (pretty sure this is more “first time mom syndrome”).  There was a link in her bio so I clicked on it and the amazing “ezpz mats” came up to purchase.

The ezpz plates and bowls are so fun!  They make eating and portioning much easier, and it teaches Carter to use a plate instead of just eating right off the table or high chair tray.  They suction right to the table or high chair, and they are incredibly easy to rinse off. They come in many different shapes and colors too.  We shopped from the Nordic collection on the website so far, but there are other sections too depending on which styles you are looking for.  There are so many awesome choices!

If you’d like to order your own “ezpz mats”  here is the link below, along with the link to the Instagram account for some great toddler recipes.  If you do order from the link on her Instagram page, you automatically get 10% off of your order too!



I enjoy finding products that were started by moms, and this is one of them.  I’m hoping that by sharing some of the great products that I use with Carter I can inspire or help other mom’s as well!  If you have any questions or comments please let me know, and if you end up ordering some of your own “ezpz mats” I hope you love them!  Thank you again for catching up with the Next Play!

Lots of love and God Bless,


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